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1. Start Lightly - Increase Gradually

2. How to Decrease Strength of Products

3. How to Increase Strength of Products

4. Understanding the Copper Peptide Strength Scale Rating

5. Why Use Exfoliating Hydroxy Acids

6. Methods of Manual Exfoliation

7. Why Things May Look Worse Before They Look Better

8. What Products to Use for Your Skin Type

9. Using Super CP Serum/ Super Cop Creams Properly

10. How to Use Products Slowly

11. How to "Rest" the Skin and When to Do It

Videos by Skin Biology

Our how-to-videos explain a number of topics in a simplified, brief manner while providing answers to frequently asked questions and highlighting specific products you start using today!



Start Lightly - Increase Gradually

Many people start with a copper peptide serum (i.e. CP Serum or GHK-Copper Serum) with as little as 2 drops daily for their entire face, then slowly increase the amount used. Serums are wonderful to start with since their strength is so easily moderated.

For example, you can easily dilute a copper peptide serum by taking 2-3 drops of the peptide then add 3-5 drops of water before applying. The amount used should be so light that it just barely covers the area of application.

Starting lightly is especially important when working with the skin around the eye area. This skin is very thin and fragile. Sun damage and/or use of color cosmetics and make-up removers often cause issues over the years.

We recommend to start off by using Super GHK-Copper Serum or Super GHK-Copper Cream on sensitive eye area skin. Or use CP Ultimate Eye Cream and gradually work up to GHK LUXE Eye Cream.

For general skin and body care, you can progress to stronger concentrations as your skin adjusts to copper peptides. Many clients start with CP Serum, then later move to Super CP Serum or TriReduction Cream, and finally to Super Cop or 3% GHK VIP Luxury Cream.

See our Product Guide for more information.

How to Decrease Strength (If Product is Too Strong)

When biological oils (such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Squalane) are applied to the skin before the copper peptide product, the oils penetrate the skin forming an oil barrier that slows uptake of any topical applied afterward.

Basing the area first with a light moisturizer is a simple method to decrease strength and make a product "milder".

This advanced skin care tip is often used around the eyes. Oils often can be used before copper peptides on very sensitive skin to moderate strength, making the cream more tolerable for a sensitive area.

BHOs and SRCPs

**Note: Biological Oils (such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Squalane) can also be quite helpful in removing makeup.

How to Increase Strength (For Those Ready to Work up to Stronger Methods)

Biological oils, such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Squalane, can be used over (on top of) copper peptide products.

Fatty lipids help push more copper peptides deeper into the skin, making a potent product even more effective.

If you're looking to make your Super CP Serum, Skin Signals Solution, or 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum even more effective, simply apply a little bit of Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher on top!

See previous illustration.

Understanding Copper Peptide "Relative Strength Scale Rating"

You'll notice each copper peptide skin product* has an assigned strength rating. When you go to purchase the product, you'll see a logo that looks like this:

Copper Peptide Strength Rating

What does this scale mean? Is stronger (or a higher number) always better? Do you need to "work up the scale" to improve your results?

First of all, we must clarify that with Dr. Pickart's potent peptides, "stronger" doesn't necessarily mean better. Some individual's skin may do better using milder products.

In our experience, starting lower on the scale and gradually working up (if needed) has always generated better results.

Second, keep in mind that our relative strength scale is just that, relative.

It is calculated by comparing the concentration of copper peptide in our various products. It does not represent which product may be “better” or “more effective” than another. And neither is it a comparison of copper peptides found outside of Skin Biology.

It is not necessary to "go up the scale" in order to see results. Some clients, who have used the products for decades, are only able use milder products lower on the strength scale.

At times, even clients who do not have sensitive skin have noticed better results with a so-called "milder" product.

What to do? Allow us to individually customize a skin care regimen for you personally.

We will be able to direct you to the product(s) and regimen tips that may make all the difference in keeping your skin actively responding to copper peptides.

See: FREE Personal Skin/Hair Care Consultation

* Copper peptide hair products do not have an assigned strength rating. There was no need to differentiate between the products, since Folligen Therapy and Hair Signals Therapy are all the same strength: moderate.

Why Use Hydroxy Acids

Skin exfoliating hydroxy acids are often used with copper peptides. These two compounds work synergistically to boost skin rejuvenation.

Normally one product is used in the morning and the other at night. Or you can alternate use by applying copper peptides one evening and hydroxy acids the next evening.

Hydroxy acids exist naturally on the skin's surface and work to loosen the chemical links between older skin cells to allow for skin cell turnover.

Stronger hydroxy acids may work faster but overuse can be irritating.

Effective leave-on hydroxy acids that work well on nearly all skin types are LacSal Serum, LacSal Cream, and Exfol Cream.

Since hydroxy acids are regulated by pH, to improve efficacy, wait 20-30 minutes before applying any other topicals on top.

For more info, see our page on Understanding Methods of Skin Exfoliaton at:

Methods of Manual Exfoliation

Physical methods of manual abrasion are natural. Your skin is prepared for it! In fact, normally skin is subject to various types of abrasion.

For anti-aging skin care, microdermabrasion methods (such as subcision / micro needling) work extremely well in conjunction with copper peptides. Manual exfoliation works to break down signs of damage while copper peptides trigger your skin's natural signal for heightened rejuvenation.

Our clients have had amazing success with our microdermabrasion cloths, high-quality exfoliating bath gloves, or by making their own skin scrub and using these methods at the opposite end of the day as their chosen copper peptide.

For more info, see our page on Understanding Methods of Skin Exfoliaton at:


Why Things May Look Worse Before They Look Better

The reason this can occur may surprise you! The effect of things appearing to "look worse before they look better" is not always a bad thing. In fact, it could be a positive sign that you are on your way to reaching your goals. How so?

First of all, things "looking worse before it looks better" does not occur for everyone. The vast majority of our clients report nothing but good results and never experience anything negative.

However, it is important to note that damaged skin can sometimes seem to hold things in place. Meaning that damage that may have looked small or minor, as it goes through the rejuvenation process, may reveal itself to be much larger or deeper than originally thought.

Effective abrasion methods and strong chemical peels remove the upper layers and buried damage can become more visible.

Furthermore, as skin is slowly rejuvenated it may briefly appear to loosen. This is also normal.

If you are seeing areas "morph" (or damage becoming more apparent), remember that it must go through this process to get better. The best thing is to encourage your skin to go through this process SLOWLY.

Contact us for personalized tips on how to successfully navigate through this natural process and how/when to rest your skin.

What Products to Use for Your Skin Type

Dry Skin:
Use copper peptide creams enhanced with retinol or isomers of vitamin E (such as Protect & Restore with High Retinol, TriReduction Cream, or ultra-moisturizing 3% GHK VIP Luxury Cream).

In the evening, use hydroxy acid creams (such as Exfol Cream, LacSal Cream, Lactic Power 10).

Oily Skin:
Light, oil-free liquid formulations will work best. Most clients with oily skin thrive on Super CP Serum, Skin Signals Solution, and 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum (which produces a wonderful "mattifying effect" on oily skin).

In the evening, use hydroxy acid serums (such as Exfol Serum or LacSal Serum).

Combination Skin Type:
Your skin will respond to a mix of serums and creams. Try using the oil-free copper peptide spritz of Skin Signals Solution in the morning (which will allow for your natural oil production as you move throughout the day).

In the evening, balance your skin with a hydroxy acid cream (Exfol Cream, LacSal Cream, or Lactic Power 10).

Sensitive Skin:
Super GHK-Copper and Regular CP Serum are daily peptide products that are well-tolerated by most clients with sensitive skin. First use the product every other day and test on a small area before applying to large areas.

Nourish your skin with the calming antioxidants in Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher.

Make sure you are using a pH-balanced cleanser that properly cleanses skin without stripping it of vital protective oils and proteins. See: Dr. Pickart's Face & Body Cleanser


NOTE: How to Use Super CP Serum and Super Cop Cream Properly

Quote to Remember:
"SLOW is Better and
LESS is More"
- from our clients


Super CP Serum, Super Cop Cream and Super Cop 2X - Extra Strength are very effective, strong skin rejuvenating systems.

We are often asked how to use these best-sellers. We highly recommend starting with a milder product first and then gradually "work up" to using stronger copper peptides as needed.

For example, the precusor to using Super CP Serum would be to first use Regular CP Serum. And before using Super Cop Cream, use TriReduction Cream or Protect & Restore Cream.

This is especially important for those with sensitive skin or sensitive skin areas (such as around-the-eye area and neck skin). Start very lightly, once day.

Many clients are not able to use Super CP Serum or Super Cop around the eye area or on thinner neck skin. Instead, they use CP Ultimate Eyes or GHK LUXE Eye Cream around the eyes and Perfect Lift Decolletage Cream or Crepey Skin Escape on the neck skin.

To learn how to modulate products - Click Here


How to Use Products SLOWLY

We get spectacular reports from clients around the world. But we've noticed a common thread in the way all of these individuals use our products: 1. It is vital to start very slowly and carefully avoid overuse (especially around the eye area) and 2. Light applications are a must.

Since our products are very easy to use, the tendency can be to apply much more than what is needed. If you have overused a product, rest your skin. When you return to use, apply much less ---perhaps slowly starting back every other day. Avoid overuse in the first place by selecting milder products first and applying them lightly.

How to "Rest" the Skin and When to Do It

Have you overdone it a bit? Perhaps used too much product, too strong of a product, or applied too frequently? The signs of overuse typically manifest themselves in minor redness, irritation, puffiness, or loose skin.

For example, if you notice any temporary puffiness around the eye area, effectively rest the skin by using only a biological oil (Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Squalane) or a light DMAE serum (Two Timing Tightener, an antioxidant DMAE firming solution based in aloe vera) until things calm down.

If the signs of overuse occur on the general face, neck, or body skin areas, rest by first discontinuing the strong copper peptide. Then use a light moisturizer to calm the area. When you return to use, apply a lighter amount and/or use a milder copper peptide.

Check the strength rating on each copper peptide product before you purchase. Remember, stronger does not always mean better. ALL of our products are potent and effective and will be stronger than most over-the-counter skin care products. It may very well be that you'll notice better results with a milder copper peptide. Most of the time, irritation can be avoided altogether simply by starting off with a mild product first (GHK-Copper Cream - Strength Rating: 5 or Regular CP Serum - Strength Rating: 3), rather than starting off with the strongest product first.

Rest / Resolve Issues Around the Eyes:

Many use a 3-6% DMAE Serum to help loose skin, dark circles, crepey skin or bags around the eye area. It can be used every other day as an alternate with CP Ultimate Eye Cream. From time to time, it may be a good idea to rest the skin around the eye area completely by only using a biological oil and then slowly return to light use of your mild copper peptide product. If you have overused a product around the eyes, be assured that temporary looseness is not permanent.

Here are the comments of one client: "What I do when this happens (or when I purposely provoke it) is rest my eyes (my whole face, actually) from CPs for about four days or so. During that four days I use only biological oils and DMAE... I wind up looking better than before.

When I start back with CPs I usually start back at the same strength as before and then build slowly again... That's just my opinion borne of my experience...when I push too hard and then take a break and then start up again that's what works for me...

My advice: Rest your face for a few days and then start back with the CP Ultimate Eyes over emu and see how you progress... By the way, my skin has been looking uber-fantastic these days. It literally hasn't been this smooth since I was in my twenties."