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Microneedling Success with Copper Peptide Serums

What to use after microneedling just got simpler! Use a copper peptide serum to improve results with your microneedling device*. Skin needling devices (microneedling) are currently being used both by individuals and professionals for anti-aging, wrinkle-fading, stretch marks, advanced blemish care, hyperpigmentation, and skin firming*.

STEP 1: Select a copper peptide serum based on your skin type. Sensitive skin types should start with GHK-Copper Serum.

STEP 2. Select a biological oil moisturizer to soothe skin afterward.


Basic Regimen

Best size for beginners = 0.5 mm

Skin Needling Device










Apply a light layer in the morning.

CP Serum


Super GHK-Copper Serum


Emu Oil for Skin




Immediately soothe skin while replenishing lipids with Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Squalane on top of copper peptides.






Advanced Regimen

3% GHK VIP Serum

3% GHK VIP Serum

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Super CP Serum


Super CP Serum or 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum contain a heightened concentration of copper peptides. Dilute by taking 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand and adding 2-3 drops water.








Two Timing Tightener 2X Extra Strength


Additional Options:
Take skin firming results to the next level with our Two Timing Tightener 2X - Extra Strength (a DMAE + PephaTight firming serum).

What Products to Use After Skin Needling





*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.


Testimonials from Clients


Needling Testimonial 1

Needling Testimonial 2

I love the derma roller and wish I would have gotten one much sooner. I've used it once and followed with Skin Signals Solution. I'm using it for general anti-aging. I do have some deep expression lines and loss of firmness that I'd like to improve. I noticed improvement in minor blemishes the following day. The quick results after one use amazed me and I'm eager to use it again but don't want to over do it.

Submitted by PR

Love, love, love copper peptides! I have been using Dr. Pickart's copper peptides for over 3 yrs now. I started with the trial kit and have now found the products that work best for me (Skin Signals, Super CP Serum, 7% GHK-Cu peptide) I am truly in love with copper peptides. I'm 53 yrs young and have been told I look 10 years younger! My skin is smooth, clear, elastic and basically line free with the exception of some minor eye crinkles. I can go without foundation and look like I'm wearing it. I find the copper peptides especially useful when derma rolling. I started low and slow at the beginning... My husband just had a spot removed from his face and I plan on helping him with his blemish by introducing him to copper peptides.


I am sure you get thousands of emails everyday, but that is what happens when you become the King of Youth. … I always loved your products, I have been with you for years. I watched all the other skin companies try to catch up to your knowledge, but they just can't match. My respect is with you for always telling the truth and offering excellent products. And so far, I am glad I always followed Skin Biology because thanks to your great knowledge, I do not look 53! Many people call me baby face because of no wrinkles and I want to keep my title!

Sincere and loyal customer, -P.

Thank you for creating the best products I have ever tried in 40 yrs. I am a make-up artist and have tried most of the high end products from around the world and I can honestly say nothing performs as well as your products.

I'm 57 yrs old and before I started using your products my face looked tired, dull, with loose facial skin . The lines around my eyes looked crepey and my neck started to look like a turkeys neck - not attractive! My baby fine short dry hair never grew as the ends would break. Eeeek, I hated looking in the mirror!

My friends recommended your products and after their rave reviews I took the plunge! :-)

My first order was 5 August 2012 and I bought the P&R Classic, Exfol, Two Timing Tightener and the Super GHK. For my hair I bought Folligen Therapy, Shampoo and Conditioner.

I used the P&R Classic on my face in the morning, Super GHK around my eyes followed by Two Timing Tightener all over.

Evening after cleansing I used Exfol and Squalane (this is an oil I have used for years and had this oil on hand).

I have now been using all of the above products for 8 months and can honestly say I'm looking fabulous! My skin looks hydrated, brighter, plumper and firmer. My hair is softer, looks fuller and doesnt break off at the ends. It's amazing! My friends have all commented that I look younger and they're right. ;-)

I'm truly grateful for all your hard work Dr. Pickart and please know I am a very satisfied customer.


I was amazed to notice yesterday that copper peptides (I am using using GHK) really plumps up the skin.

A from Italy 06/11

After only 4 months using SB products - I got new Driver's license today, think last one was from about 5 years ago, anyway I look younger, much younger and better in this picture than I did in the previous picture. I use skin signals, lacsal and TTT mainly... I take pics in Photo Booth on Mac and will someday post the improvement.

Most noticeable is the eyelids to me, I am still amazed that magazines NEVER mention your products when they do yet another stupid article on skin care and aging. So it is still our best kept secret.

Joanna 05/11

I wanted to add my personal testimonial. It is absolutely amazing. I already look young for my age, but the difference that I have seen just over the last several months since I switched to Skin Signals and using Exfol Cream and Two Timing Tightener has been fantastic... I do double takes in my mirror - so hard to explain. I want to say I look even younger, but my skin never looked like this when I was younger. Have you ever admired those folks with radiant skin? Well that is what is happening with my skin. I feel like my cheeks are plumper and glowing.


I have been using Skin Signals going on 3 weeks now. I love the results that I am getting from using Skin Signals!! ... I use Skin Signals on my face and abdomen.

Wow, between Skin Signals, Super Cop 2X, Lac Sal and a twice weekly rolling (started that last week) the results are amazing!! ... I wished I would have taken pictures before I started!


I'm 50 and there is no sagging at all... Using CP Serum daily for about four or five years has resulted in...firm skin. I have all the CP Serum variations and rotate them...

So, thank you Dr. Pickart and to all your clients: Keep using these products consistently. They are special products and we are lucky to have access to them.


Since I have been using exfol cream and Copper-Peptides along with 30% glycolic acid every 3-5 days, I have seen a noticeable difference, especially in terms of a firmness, which is what I was going for.


I wanted to let you know of the great effect we are having using Super Cop 2X along with Emu Oil to after weight loss.


Just wanted to pass this on. I've had great results...with CP Serum, then with Super Cop...

One thing I do that may be contributing to my great results is that I exfoliate like crazy. I do chemical peels, microdermabrasion, etc. I even lightly use a microdermabrasion cloth on my upper eye lids.


I must say I'm very impressed with 2-Step Renewal System. I have most definitely noticed a tightening effect on my skin, and I also like the non-greasy effect of your Protect & Restore as a base for make-up.


*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.




What Products to Use After Skin Needling

Copper peptide products or antioxidants are often used along with skin needling devices, also called skin rollers, for the treatment of deep wrinkles, expression lines, blemishes, and poor skin texture.

The use of a needling device with proven skin nourishing ingredients provides aspiring skincare addicts with a safe, intensive method to stimulate skin rejuvenation by breaking up damaged collagen.

A quality needling device also enhances the penetration and efficacy of many skin care products, including copper peptides.

Remember that since the thinnest skin on the body (0.03 mm on the eyelids) is found around-the-eye area; it may be best to avoid this area entirely. Be extra careful when using a needling device in an area where the skin is already very thin.

Highly compatible products to use along with your skin needling device are:
--- Super GHK-Copper Serum
--- Regular CP Serum
--- or our NEW 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum

Typically only a mild copper peptide is used along with the device. If either of these copper serums are too strong, they can always be diluted with water before application.

Although copper peptide creams can also be used with skin needling, many of our clients and professionals have found that our serums offer greater flexibility of use, since it is easier to dilute and moderate the strength of an oil-free serum. 


Depending on their skincare goals, clients have successfully used skin rollers in various ways. Here is the best technique for using skin rollers with copper peptides: 

(1) Gently roll, letting the device do the work for you. Avoid pressing too hard or rolling too swiftly.

(2) After rolling, apply a light amount of your favorite copper peptide product. A copper peptide serum can easily be diluted with water before applying to the area.

(3) Optional Tip: Soothe skin with a biological moisturizing oil (such as Emu Oil or Squalane).

Use the method that fits best with your schedule and skin sensitivity. Test on a small area first.


Copper peptides can be used daily. But your skin needling device will have instructions on how often you can use it. This will vary depending on the needle length, diameter, and area of application. 

Copper peptides may be used in between needling sessions along with a mildly exfoliating hydroxy acid (such as LacSal Cream or Serum).

What are the benefits of skin needling along with copper peptides? Clients report enhanced results with skin firming, a more youthful appearance and smoother, less-troubled skin*.

*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.



If you have very sensitive skin, always start with our mildest copper peptide: Super GHK-Copper Serum. Our serum contains clinically proven and biocompatible GHK copper; there are no comparisons! All serums can be diluted by taking 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand and adding 2-3 drops water.


Typical results take approximately 4-6 weeks of consistent use*.


Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 for further help.


Take a daily supplement of 1 gram vitamin C, and 1 gram of MSM (methylsulfonyl methane). High levels of vitamin C are necessary for collagen cross linking and tightening, and the MSM supplies nutritional sulfur for protein synthesis.

*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.