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Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher

Unlike ever other oil I know it sinks right in and leaves the skin soooo smooth, it is perfect for winter time without being shiny on the skin, I tried several other Emu oils before which my skin didn't tolerate and started to itch right away, this one is perfect!

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Dear Dr. Pickart: I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I have been using the CP Serum and Emu Oil and have noticed some very positive changes in my skin.

What I have noticed overall, is that my skin appears to look more luminous. I do use Renova, and have found using the CP Serum and Emu Oil on alternate days... Keep the great stuff coming!

All my best, O.F. Massachusetts *
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

The only thing that has given me any relief is your Protect & Restore #3 and Emu Oil... Thank you very much for your products.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.


I'm 48 years old with sun damaged skin. My skin is so smooth and vibrant. My eyes are so firm and smooth...

I started out slowly and only used the Squalane Lipid Replenisher as my moisturizer for my face and eyes. I love the moisture and texture of this squalane, nice and light. YAY!

M.H. *
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I love to apply Day Cover as a base for my mineral makeup. I apply it plus a little Squalane, and that really makes the mineral makeup cover flawlessly.

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I love both Emu Oil-S and Squalane. I use both oils all over... Squalane on just my face and use Calypso's Oil on my body.

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Retinol in Squalane

This product is one of my absolute favorites, and is included in my everyday skincare regimen. My skin is combination and blemish-prone and 30-ish, so I have some issues. I have no problem whatsoever using this oil in the summer or winter. My skin absorbs this oil just as well in the warmer months and even better in the winter months. I've noticed that the lines around my eyes aren't as prominent and my skin sighs with relief when I gently massage this oil into my skin every night before bed.

- C.G.*
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I use the emu oil at night and Squalane with Retinol during the day. I love the Squalane - it's much lighter than the Emu, has no smell, and resolves my dry skin issue... Squalane is great for dry skin.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Update: I have 'mature' skin...I am 52. I have been using Skin Bio products since last May and worked up from CP Serum to Super CP serum on my face, neck and upper arms in the late fall

...The Squalane with Retinol is the best overall moisturizer that I have ever used on my face, and my face feels much softer than it has been in years.

K.C. *
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I'm even finding that there is a significant difference in using the Squalane with Retinol as opposed to the Squalane without. (I have both) The Retinol really is more moisturizing. I plan on keeping both of these on hand so I can switch if need be.

-H. *
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