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Hooded eye lids are very aging so I am so happy that my skin has a more youthful appreance! I like it that it does not have a long list of ingredients (less competition) and that it has a 3 yr shelf life.

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I think is my favorite Skin Biology product!! I apply this in the morning after first washing my face, then applying P&R high retinol. It is the softest, lightest weight serum like product. I only need one pump and can apply it all over my face and neck and still have a bit left to apply to the back of my hands!

It is the perfect primer to use before applying makeup. My jaw line as well as upper neck couldn't look better. The product also lasts forever.

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I feel so comforted that such excellent products are available for purchase. I have hooded eye lids and TTT along with Skin Signals has helped so much in the tightening deparment. Hooded eye lids are very aging so I achieve a more youthful appearance with TTT!

Client Submission.*
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I cannot say enough about your products. I started them earlier this year, as I was turning 50... and was trying to find a product that would help with the onset of sagging skin, particularly under my eyes...

I have worked my way through from the mildest CP for eyes and the Two Timing Tightener... Within two days of starting to use your products, I had 3 separate parents from my children's hockey teams comment on my skin. The lady who has waxed my eyebrows for years commented on how soft my skin was all of a sudden...

Thank you so much for making your products so effective - and affordable."

-L.E. *
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TTT is one of the best skin products I have ever used. Used it for several months after it first released and then took a break for about 3 months. Didn't realize what effect it was having on overall skin firmness until I stopped using and went back to using it. Should, IMO be a part of everyone's arsenal.

- B.E.*
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Well I've been using TTT for just on two weeks now and I gotta say it I luv this stuff. You're definitely on a winner here Doc. As far as the consistency goes, I am fine with it... I like it just the way it is.

- B.J.*
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I'm really liking your product, Dr. Pickart. I have been using it daily and I am very happy with the condition of my skin right now.

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Oh, I too have just put one week in with using the Two-Timing Tightener and it is FANTASTIC!!!

- H.E.*
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I too absolutely L-O-V-E the TTT. I had it stored in the refrigerator and forgot about it. I recently discovered it sitting very nicely on the shelf and put it on. All I can say is WOW. The TTT is now on the "must" do list every day. Terrific product!!!

- S.B.*
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Thank you so much for the Two-Timing Tightener sample!!!! I've used it for three days now, and it has the immediate effects of the ideal DMAE but without the stinging. It seems much gentler than any DMAE product I've ever used... I think it's a winner! And I love the playful name--a departure from the naming norm for you.

- K.N.*
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I have been using it for about 2 weeks only AM I absolutely love it, the consistency is perfect not to runny not too thick...

- M.Y.*
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I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Two Timing Tightener! It seems to really brighten up a little dark area under my eye. That will be a keeper for sure.

- D.*
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I have been applying Emu or Squalane Oil over the GHK Serum with nice results. I also enjoy using the GHK serum and putting over it the Two Timing Tightener.

- M.C.*
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I like this product but got the impression that it is for a temporary quick fix. I use it on my under eye area to decrease bags and shadows before I go out.

- S.L.*
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I use TTT all over my face & neck. Emu Oil on top of these products helps penetration & moisturizing the skin...(couldn't live without it!) My eyes look much better.

- S.Y.*
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I do notice a nice lift when I use this serum. I am happy with it. The difference is very noticeable for me. I just turned 47 and started to see some facial sagging in the usual places but it wasn't too bad. My husband even said my skin is smoother and brighter.

- G.L.*


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