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Just wanted to write in and let you know that I am really impressed with the products. Over the last few years, I have tried quite a few products from Skin Biology and have found all of them to be great quality and effective. I am currently using tri-reduction (just moved up from skin signals) and am liking it so far.

I'm only 30 so I don't have any deep wrinkles, but the tone and texture of my skin have definitely improved, and as an added bonus I am enjoying thicker, fuller eyelashes and eyebrows from using the creams around my eyes.

If I stop using it for a few weeks, I immediately notice a difference. I have tried a million different products, from drugstore to department store to professional dermatologist products, and your products have outperformed, generally been less expensive, and have been easier to use than any others I can think of.

I'm so happy to have found these products. Thanks so much for the fantastic products and the great service!!

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

TriReduction is a product that I've grown to love. At first, it was too strong, and I only used it for spot treating...but now I can use a thin layer all over at night.

After applying TriReduction, I use a thin layer of Retinol in Squalane in winter. In the summer, I only use the TriReduction for a nighttime moisturizer because there is squalane already included.

The texture of my skin has smoothed out over time with this product, and the addition of lavender helps me sleep.

- C.G.*
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Awesome product having CP & retinol in one dose! I feel elated that my skin's breakouts are less noticeable and has a healthy glow. Highly recommend it!!

E. B.*
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I am of light brown complexion, but my facial skin has large dark brown patches the result of many, many years of sun bathing. [My friend] suggested I try your TriReduction Cream. I was of course very skeptical, but said I'd give it a try.

She ordered some for me and I have been using it most of this year. Even using it only once a day or every other day the dark brown patches have lightened noticeably.

A TriReduction Cream believer, P. P. California *
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I have already started using the Tri-Reduction, and I want to say I absolutely love it -- fragrance, texture, color, and (of course) results. I cannot say enough about your products.

Sincerely, K. M., Florida *
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Just wanted to let everyone here know that I am very pleased with TriReduction P&R with Retinol. I graduated to TriRed [TriReduction Protect & Restore Cream] after a year of using P&R 3 [Protect & Restore with retinol]...and CP/Exfol Serum. My skin tone shows a demonstrable improvement after 2 weeks use of TriRed.

R.V. *
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.


First things first. I've been using Tri-Reduction and Exfol Cream for one month, and I want to thank you for the great results I've seen. My skin is much smoother.

- J.B.*
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.


I am a 51 year old woman with blemishes and sun damage on my face. I started using TriReduction P&R with Retinol and Exfol Cream two weeks ago and I'm really pleased with what they are doing for my skin.

Thank you for these products and your terrific website.

Thank you very much, J. P. *
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.


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