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Enhancing Skin Results Post-Procedure

Dermatologists offer a variety of strong procedures that can help, but also can irritate your skin. Really, what you use post-procedure can make all the difference as far as your results are concerned.

Clients have found that our most gentle copper peptides, followed by Emu Oil with antioxidants, work well to calm post-procedure skin. They promote a healthy & balanced looking skin tone while enhancing your skin's recovery.

STEP 1: Select a copper peptide for use within 2 hours of the procedure (Tip: Dilute with water to moderate strength as needed).

STEP 2: Select a biological oil for enhanced results after peels and other dermatological procedures.


Basic Regimen

Apply a light coating of 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum, Super GHK Serum, or Regular CP Serum to the skin within two hours of the procedure, as long as the skin is not broken or excessively irritated.

CP Serum


Super GHK-Copper Serum


3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum










Emu Oil for Skin


Soothe post-procedure chemical peel skin and protect against dryness.








Advanced Regimen

Lightly apply Super GHK-Copper Serum or CP Serum followed by Emu Oil S for Skin to the affected skin on a daily basis.



Testimonials from Clients

I have been using the Super Cop on the few ice pick scars that I have left, they are not that deep, and the CP Serum on my whole face at night, and they noticeably appear smaller. I also use the Emu Oil during the day along with a little CP Serum and even in this extremely cold weather, I have not had the dry skin hardly at all. My whole face would usually dry out and just be one big peeling mess, I wouldn't even go out to a store some times. This is the first thing that I used that actually worked. Thank you so much cause I actually enjoy going out and doing things.


I have been using CP Serum during the day and Emu Oil at night. Both products have seem to lightened the appearance of the hyperpigmentation above my lips... I am 52 and people are now telling me how beautiful my skin looks. They don't believe my age.

PS, California



Suggestions for After Chemical Peels and Cosmetic Treatments

Normal chemical peels can produce severe irritation that can lead to scars and prolonged redness. Simple coverings such as petrolatum may not stop the development of redness and reduce irritation.

If you decide to use any Skin Biology products after a chemical peel, laser procedure, or other cosmetic treatment remember:

1. Start with MILD copper peptide topicals such as Super GHK-Copper Serum/Cream or Regular CP Serum. Dilute if necessary.

2. DO NOT apply on broken skin or skin that is excessively irritated, open, or oozing any type of liquid.

3. Always consult your dermatologist or esthetician who performed the procedure FIRST.




If you have very sensitive skin, always start with our mildest copper peptide: Super GHK-Copper Cream.


Use ONLY a light application. Too often, people think more is better, but when the skin is in a fragile state, it is imperative to go slowly.


If the copper peptide product is too strong, you can dilute with water. Take 1-2 drops of the copper-peptide serum, and add 3-4 drops water. To dilute a cream, base the skin first with Emu Oil. Then lightly apply the cream. The biological healing oil will slow down the rate of penetration, making the copper-peptide product milder.


Skin recovery by this method is slow, but a significant improvement should be noted in a month. For severely burned or irritated skin, full recovery may take several months.


If a laser procedure has resulted in an actual burn (or potential burn scar), wait until the wound is completely healed and apply BioHeal lightly. DO NOT apply on broken skin.


Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 for further help.