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Mary Cassatt - Baby John Being Nursed, 1910
Breast Feeding and Skin Problems

Nursing a baby is fulfilling but can cause skin irritation to an already delicate area.

Our Perfect Lift Cream was originally developed for nursing women and for reducing the visibility of sun damage marks on the decolletage.

Lessen irritation; reduce the signs of damage. Perfect Lift is safe for use while breastfeeding.

Clients have reported that Perfect Lift Cream helped to more quickly calm skin irritation caused by nursing. So to all of you doting mothers... it's time to pamper yourselves with our moisturizingly soothing cream.

Protect & Restore for Breasts, Nipples, and Decolletage


Basic Regimen

Apply Perfect Lift In the morning and evening gently massage onto the skin.






READ PRODUCT TESTIMONIALS AND FEEDBACK from clients on the use of Perfect Lift Cream

Testimonials from Clients

(this product was previously named "BND - Breasts, Nipples, and Decolletage Cream").

This breast cream is right on the money as a cosmetic formulation. This breast cream is PERFECT and could compete with any other product sold in any fine department store... It is light, but hydrating.

B.K., California

I really like this product - it has a wonderful, silky texture - and at the same good effect on my skin. I have noticed real improvement in the neckline area that is exposed to the sun by the cut of sweaters and blouses.

L.A,. California

William Bouguereau - Alma Parens, 1883

Perfect Lift Cream is designed to help increase your skin’s softness and smoothness, firmness and elasticity, and produce clearer, more blemish-free skin. The cream was developed at the request of many of our customers who asked for a restorative breast cream.

Your skin in the upper chest area often suffers heavy sun damage but also is very delicate and sensitive. The breasts, especially in the regions of the nipple and areola, possess a rich supply of highly sensitive nerves which helps sexual responsiveness but also can increase the discomfort of skin irritations.

In addition, glandular tissues of breast swell during a women’s menstrual cycle due to changes in estrogen, progesterone and prolactin and this can add to discomfort and increased tenderness. Because of these special sensitivities, this cream is thick, sensuous, and soothing as well as very easy to spread.





Correggio - Virgin And Child With An Angel

Breast Feeding

Many nursing mothers use this product. Breast feeding your baby has many positive effects on your baby such as improving your baby's immune system, reducing infections, and helping brain development (raises IQ by 7 points). But for a mother, this can be difficult and painful at times, especially when those very sharp little teeth start arriving. Babies often seem to view nursing as a little game with mother to see who is in charge. Nipples can become raw and those little teeth can cut through skin.

Perfect Lift Cream is a strong skin renewal cream with long-acting, breakdown-resistant copper-peptides, antioxidants (isomers of vitamin E, tocotrienols, and ubiquinone), and natural human skin protectants such as squalane, octyl palmitate, and allantoin.



If you have very sensitive skin, always start with our mildest copper peptide: Super GHK-Copper Cream.


Use Emu Oil S Lipid Replenisher on top to facilitate penetration.


Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 for further help.