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Skin needling serums and creams to improve the look of melasma, discoloration, hyperpigmentation (or hypopigmentation), the following products help fade uneven skin tone for a blemish-reduced appearance*.

Aging skin treatments using copper peptides provide skin with the glow and resiliency of youth. Use daily with a method of exfoliation for best results.

STEP 1: Select a copper peptide based on your skin type. Dry skin types should use creams / Oily-to-combination skin types should use serums.

STEP 2. Select a hydroxy acid exfoliator.

STEP 3. Enhance with a strong spot treatment cream such as Super Cop 2X Extra Strength or use our Microdermabrasion Cloth to smooth the look of discoloration and sun damage*.

Scar Removal Kit

Super CP Serum


TriReduction Cream


Basic Regimen

Apply a light layer in the morning.






Apply a light layer in the evening.

LacSal Cream


LacSal Cream





Advanced Regimen

A powerfully effective blemish-treatment, Super Cop 2X Extra Strength contains the strongest concentration of copper peptides available. Test on a small area first. Massage in. Use with method of exfoliation for best results.

Skin Needling Device


Super Cop Cream 2X Extra Strength



7 Percent GHK Product Accelerant


Boost your results by adding 10-15 drops of 7% GHK Product Accelerant to Super CP Serum or Super Cop 2X. Mix into a half ounce (15ml) container. Click here for additional tips on how to properly calculate the drops you'll need to effectively enhance any peptide cream/serum.






GHK MSM serum


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OR enhance your results with GHK+MSM Skin Smoothing & Soothing Serum. Proprietary blend of GHK-Cu (proven anti-aging powerhouse) + skin-healthy antioxidants.







Blemish Care Kit


Skin Biology Microdermabrasion Cloth


Enhance results fading discoloration with a Microdermabrasion Cloth, Exfoliating Bath Gloves (for body areas), or carry the travel size Blemish Care Kit for quick use, wherever you may be!





*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.


Copper Peptide Reviews: Products Work for Hypo- or Hyperpigmentation

I want to let you know how much better my skin looks since using copper peptides, and thank you for the recommendations for my skin type. The Super Cop has made an amazing difference to deep melasma down both sides on my neck, and I’ve tried many products - yours works.

- S.G.*
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Wanted to share an update on the pigmented spot. Lots and lots of improvement! With time, there's been a great fading of the spot after using your 7% GHK Accelerant. And what is fascinating to me is that the mark looks so much smaller!


-Client Submission
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Copper Peptide Reviews Before After Photos

Copper Peptide Reviews Before After Photos

April 5th, 2019:
Here's an update about the skin on my neck. I used the Squalane Oil for two days and my skin was improving, but it became very dry and itchy. So I did more research on the Skin Biology site and saw that the Super GHK Cream works well on irritated skin. Yesterday morning, after cleansing with Dr. Pickart's soap bar, I smoothed some of the cream on my neck and applied some Squalane Oil over it for better absorption. Not only did the combination help the dryness, but the irritation and itchiness reduced dramatically. Now I'm using the application of the cream and oil day and night. The irritation is not completely gone, but it's improving very nicely. I'm so excited! Using these products means that I will no longer need to use other creams which may weaken the skin. I'm taking pictures of the progress and will send them to you once my neck has been restored.

April 8th:
Here's an update regarding my skin. The irritation on my neck has gotten MUCH better in the front, but the rash is still on both sides of my neck. Because of this, I still wash my neck as normal but starting tonight, I'm dabbing hydrogen peroxide on the area and smooth it with Gold Bond Medicated Baby Powder. However, in the morning, I'll return to using the Super GHK Cream with Squalane over it. Regarding the LacSal Serum usage...when applying the serum to my skin, the raised skin is gone and the small bumps are reduced. There's no itching whatsoever. All these problems stem from having used that Triamcinolone Cream for years which thinned my face and neck skin. I just hope I'm not too late to repair the damage I've done.

April 14th:
The rash on my neck looks so much better thanks to the "Skin Soothing Serum". Yay! I still have some texture irregularities, but over all it looks much better. I'm so thankful to give this item a try. I have been using the Soothing and Smoothing Serum for almost a week and that rapidly helped my neck skin. The bumps and tenderness are no longer there, only dark dry patches are left behind. That serum is wonderful by the way.

April 22nd:
I have some great news. The rash on my neck has dramatically improved using Dr. Pickart's products. Yay! I'll send you the pictures of the entire process later on today. The products I used were as follows:

--- Disinfected area with 3% hydrogen peroxide at night for three days.
--- Followed using the Soothing and Smoothing Serum or GHK-Cu Cream (twice a day then once a day alternating the products).
--- For moisturizing: Squalane Oil and Emu Oil (as needed)
--- For mild exfoliation: Exfol Cream, nightly (this cream didn't irritate my neck in the least. Love it!)

Thank you Dr. Pickart for saving my skin and making wonderful products. I definitely will be ordering more in the future. Forever grateful and follower for life,





I have been only using [Skin Biology products] for about 6 weeks now and i am definitely seeing some positive changes where my skin is darker from sun damage and the overall texture of my skin is great. I am using Skin Signals Cream in the morning and the Lactic Power 10 at night and applying either Squalane or Emu on top.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I am loving the products, I have had spots on my face for weeks and finally they look like they are starting to vanish without being over dry!! Very happy!!!

NCQ from Scotland
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Hi, I had a light Erbium laser on my face and have been experimenting a little with regular CP Serum and Emu Oil... Although it suddenly turned a bit hyper pigmented early into using the CP’s I was still relieved, very much preferring that to hypo and I consider it something of a triumph because at least I can do something about that...The white patch in the before picture wasn’t a blister any longer at that point, as it seemed to turn into a flat white patch. I used a drop of CP on it morning and night at that point which was overdoing it because of my haste and it was getting a bit itchy. A diluted drop perhaps once a day would probably have lessened the pigment that developed but I can easily work on that later.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I just wanted to mention that I am seeing GREAT results in only 2 weeks! I am using LacSal Serum once a day, and Super Cop 2X once or twice a day, along with Retin A a couple of times a week. I have only been using this combo for 2 weeks, but I am already seeing a substantial reduction in some hyperpigmentation "stripes" along the sides of my face and jaw. WAAAY more impressive than the Rx Tri-Luma results after consistent usage for 1 year, and 4 treatments of costly Fraxel that made me puff up like a giant lobster head. Thank you for making such great products available to us at such a reasonable cost!

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I am proud to say that my skin is so much better now... I am now only using Exfol Cream in the morning and CP Serum all over face at night and spot treating scars with Super Cop 2X... The scars are not gone-yet, but they look better and better each day. I love these products!!!.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I use Super Cop 2X and Emu Oil, as well as Retin A. Retin A first, then the Super Cop 2X (that is used only every 2nd night), then the emu. My skin has never looked better. This did not happen over night.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Melasma, Age Spots, Sun Damage, Hyperpigmentation / Hypopigmentation

Skin damage (either due to UV rays or hormonal shifts) often manifests itself by a change to the pigment / color of the skin. Hypo pigmentation and hyper pigmentation often are the result of buried skin damage that has occurred at some layer, causing a signal that tells the skin to replicate itself by pushing out too much melanin (hyperpigmentation --- dark marks) or too little melanin (hypopigmentation --- light marks).

Understanding skin biology is key to reducing this type of damage.

Where to Start:

Some first turn to bleaching agents in an attempt to quickly "lighten" dark marks. However, the chemicals used in products containing hydroquinone may just end up further damaging your skin in the long run. Others turn to strong hydroxy acid peels which may speed the rejuvenation process in damaged areas, but also increase the risk of irritation or chemical burns.

The key to successfully fading marks and damage lies in a slow and steady approach.

Slowly break down damage using Skin Biology's LacSal Cream, LacSal Serum, or Lactic Power 10 (all effective 10% leave-on hydroxy acids formulated at pH 3.6). Some customers and clinics use stronger peels (30% to 70%) every once in a while on damaged areas, then soothe the area by applying a mild copper peptide serum afterward.

TIP! Methods of manual abrasion seem to work exceptionally well when dealing with difficult hyper pigmented or hypo pigmented marks. Use a microdermabrasion cloth or skin scrub to effectively encourage cell turnover and improve microcirculation. This often improves the results of the copper peptides work on the skin.

Does micro needling work? Micro needle therapy has enhanced the skin appearance of literally thousands of individuals working on discoloration. Skin needling serums (such as Super GHK Copper Serum, CP Serum, and 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum) can be used after the microneedling device is gently rolled on the area. For more information see our page The Art & Science of Skin Needling at:

Be consistent. Regularly use a strong copper peptide product (such as Super Cop 2X) on the area as your daily spot treatment. Always use a mineral sunscreen when the area is exposed to UV rays so that further discoloration is prevented. Measure your progress by taking before and after pictures so that you can tell if you're on the right track or if you need a stronger regimen. Very slowly the areas of discoloration should start to even out.

Questions? Need Personalized Care? Call us at 1-800-405-1912 (or 01-425-644-0160) or send an email to




If you have very sensitive skin, start with a mild copper peptide first (such as Super GHK-Copper Cream). If you are prone to blemishes, always use our oil-free options, such as the powerhouse combo: Super CP Serum + LacSal Serum. Serums can easily be diluted down so that the strength is moderated to fit your skin tolerance.


It takes about 4-6 weeks of consistent use to start to notice the beginnings of positive improvements in the skin. Better results can take 4-6 months. Call us first before discontinuing your regimen. We may have ideas on how you can improve your results faster.


Super Cop 2X is an extremely effective spot treatment for all skin types. This can be applied to a small area once or twice daily. Massage in. Test on a small area first. Not designed for use around the eye area.


Consistency is key. It is vital to keep working on the pigmented area and protect skin from further discoloration by wearing a mineral sunscreen when exposed to UV rays. Follow up with an effective method of exfoliation (manual or chemical) in the evening.


Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 for further help.