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Care of your Hands and Feet

Let copper peptides dramatically soothe dry, wrinkled hands, feet, and soles*. Combine with our exclusive tin peptide products and hydroxy acids to fade age spots*.

Your hands and feet are two of the areas where the first signs of aging can start to occur. Act now to slow down premature aging!*

Dr. Pickart's LOVE Foot and Heel Cream pampers the sole with advanced copper peptides to stop dry, cracked feet* with natural antioxidants. Feel the difference today! TESTTESTEST

STEP 1: Select a peptide based on your body part - Tin Peptides for hands / Copper Peptides for feet.

STEP 2. Select a hydroxy acid exfoliator.

Basic Regimen

Apply it in the morning. Select TINPEP Hand Cream for your hands. Select LOVE Foot and Heel Cream for your feet.

TINPEP Hand Cream


Love Love Love Foot and Heel Cream










Apply a light layer in the evening.

LacSal Cream


Lactic Power 10













Protect & Restore Body Lotion


Advanced Regimen

Substitute your morning copper peptide with a specialized product (Body Lotion or TriReduction Cream) containing a heightened concentration of copper peptides.








Tin Peptide Nail Renewal





Want healthier looking nails? Try Tin Peptide Nail Renewal. Need major relief for cracked feet? Try Bioheal created with menthol and camphor.






*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.

Testimonials from Clients

I am noticing a difference with the Tin Peptide Nail Renewal. After 4 years of taking acrylic nails off, it's the only treatment that appears to be making a difference, so I'll be sticking to it. I have tried numerous oils and creams over the last 4 years and this is the only product that I can see a visible difference... I can see that they are growing out to a less ridged and stronger look. It's like the cream has ridged filled and put a barrier on them. I really am quite impressed. Wish I had taken photos from the beginning.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I love, love, love the new Skin Biology Foot Cream! It's my new favorite copper product.

The foot cream not only erased the cracks on my heels but my skin feels and looks velvety soft. I even put the foot cream on my lower legs, hands and arms. It has softened and moisturized better for me than the Protect and Restore Body Cream and Calypso Oil. My skin has a glow to it and it feels sooooo soft!

The smell is clean and fresh, so much better than any unscented copper product.

I'm even using the foot cream on my face. After only a few times of applying a small dab of foot cream from my finger tip onto my face, I'm seeing marked improvement in the tone and texture of my skin. I've been using Skin Signals for one year and have not seen and felt the improvement that I have with the foot cream.

I'm ordering more Foot Cream for my face and body so please make a larger bottle! Thank you for such a great product!

A. T.
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I love the foot cream. I am 60 years old so my heels are starting to crack. I cared for my feet routinely but they rarely felt smooth until I tried your free sample. I even think the cracks are not as deep.

I am grateful the sample was ample so that I could get a good idea of it's result. I will definitely be ordering it with my next order.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

First I'd like to say that I love your products and they are my staples - I buy your products from your site and also Perri's site when I buy my AHA products. And the make-up sites recommended by you (Makeup Artist's Choice) have been a major turning point in my facial skin health.

I would like to work on the basic health of my skin and I have had wonderful results with your copper peptide products on my face. I have also had great results with the Exfol Serum and Trireduction on my arms. And I have to say that my hands have never been softer than they are now after using P&R#3 on them. You've saved my face... made my hair shine and given me soft hands and feet.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I have been using the exfol cream, P&R #3, and CP night eyes morning and night. I love the way my skin looks! I have been using the same regime (minus the eye cream) on my left hand and the difference between the 2 hands is amazing. Can I include Renova in this regime? How? Is there anything else I should know about?
   Thanks- I am forever grateful to your company for my results!

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Skin Biology - Many people layer P&R cream over Renova or Retin-A. It seems to reduce skin irritation caused retinoic acid.

Skin Condition: Best Tips for Smooth Hands

Protect dry cracked hands against harsh soaps, cleansers and other chemicals by wearing vinyl gloves. Have four or five pair and keep them in the kitchen, bathroom, nursery and laundry areas. Have other pairs for non-wet housework and gardening. Avoid rubber gloves since many people are sensitive to them. Always replace any gloves that develop holes. Dry gloves out between cleaning jobs. Wear your gloves even when folding laundry, peeling vegetables or handling citrus fruits or tomatoes. When outdoors in cool weather, wear unlined leather gloves to protect against dry skin.

Keep your hands out of soapy water as much as possible, and avoid hand washing dishes or clothes as much as you can. When you wash your hands, use lukewarm water and just enough soap to effectively kill bacteria. Remove rings whenever washing or working with your hands. They trap soap and moisture next to skin.

Use an automatic dishwasher. Not only does this protect hand dry skin, but the dishwasher is able to effectively sterilize your dishes which is very difficult to achieve by hand washing alone.

manet's masterpiece

Dry Cracked Feet

Cracked feet occur when there is not enough elasticity in the skin to stop the foot’s fatpad from expanding outwards, causing skin breakage and cracked soles. This condition can be caused by dry skin, excessive callusing, or too much weight put upon the feet. Cracked heels can be painful and may become infected if left untreated. Those with diabetes may be particularly prone to foot problems due to high blood glucose levels, which may cause dry skin and may encourage infection, making healing foot cracks difficult. Moisturizing the feet regularly, gently wearing down callouses and wearing supportive, closed heel footwear are important steps which can be taken to heal cracked feet. Here at Skin Biology, we offer products designed especially to moisturize dry cracked feet and heal cracked feet.

Feet with dry skin can be pampered with the consistent use of copper peptides. Especially is this the case for those with diabetes.




If you have very sensitive skin, always start with our mildest copper peptide: Super GHK-Copper Cream.


Use Emu Oil S Lipid Replenisher on top to facilitate penetration.


Typical results take approximately 4-6 weeks of consistent use.


Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 for further help.