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What are the Products for the Sensitive Around-the-Eye Area?

This particular area of the skin, because of its tendency to become easily irritated, should be cared for very cautiously. It's where the thinnest skin in the body lies, and years of color cosmetics and makeup removers can produce extensive skin damage and sagging.

Any and all products introduced to this area of the skin should be applied in a small amount and tested first to make sure your individual skin can handle the product being applied. Skin Biology has produced Super GHK-Copper Cream and CP Ultimate Eye Cream with the aim of helping the skin's rejuvenation process around the eye area. These are creams which contain Copper-Peptides, retinol, and protective lipids such as Squalane and Octyl Palmitate. Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher and our Squalane Oil have both proved effective for many of our clients dealing with the under eye area.

Start use of the creams very slowly because often the area is already irritated. Do not apply products to already irritated skin. Wait until the irritation subsides (perhaps only using Emu Oil-S), and then slowly start with mild Copper-Peptides. If any irritation is experienced, try diluting the Copper-Peptide formula with water. Or apply the products while the skin is already slightly wet after cleansing. Such skin can be abnormally sensitive, and immediate heavy usage of creams or products may cause additional irritation. But as you continue to use the Copper-Peptides, the skin barrier will look better, and slowly the amount may be increased if desired. Especially with this area, “Less is More”. If you experience any long-term irritation or problems, discontinue use until your skin shows no signs of redness or irritation.

How to Improve the Appearance of Pores

Many of our clientele have commented that the products have helped to produce smoother skin and an overall reduction in the appearance of pores. CP Serum or Super CP Serum and LacSal Serum may be used to possibly produce this effect. But what may work for one person, may not necessarily work for all. Copper-Peptides may attach to fats in the pores, and if you notice a slight tint from the products, you can wash off the color effect with warm water. But make sure to leave the product on, and only wash off after they've had time to work.

The first stage of blemish reduction and skin rejuvenating may leave the pores temporarily looking enlarged. This should pass. Routinely visiting a steam bath or sauna may help reduce the appearance of pores while the skin's natural process is helped to rejuvenate itself.

Tip! For better-looking pores and a flawless finish, try using Balance Zone Oil Control daily along with the copper peptide serum of your choice.

What are the Products Recommended for Oily Skin?

Copper peptides, originally designed for skin rejuvenation, have been shown to be effective for reducing the appearance of oily skin.


A dermatologist should be consulted if you have questions regarding how to cope with systematic problems caused by oily skin. But the combination of hydroxy acids along with strong Copper peptides have produced surprising results in effectively reducing the appearance of blemishes.

Tip! For a flawless finish, try using Balance Zone Oil Control daily along with the copper peptide serum of your choice.

What Products are Best for Lips?

Many have inquired on how to deal with dry, cracked lips. Skin Biology's CP Creams can work very well in this area.

Some female long distance runners, whose lips get very dry, have used TriReduction Cream. Models have been trying this as well. It is safe to use these products on the lip area. Although our creams may not have the same 'taste' or smell as other lip glosses, they have many beneficial properties for aiding in skin health.

Tip! Use Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher daily, especially designed to moisturize dry, cracked lips.

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What are the Suggestions for Those Considering Chemical Hair Straightening?

Skin Biology is dedicated to providing science based products that aid in skin rejuvenating and scalp vitality. But since our main focus is scalp and skin promotion, we would strongly recommend that one consult a skilled hair care professional with a history of successfully working with chemical hair relaxers to see if that is an option for them personally and to recommend specific brands, treatments, and styles.

A skilled hair care professional will be able to actually take a look at your hair (and scalp) and suggest the best product for you. For this procedure, we recommend consulting with a professional rather than trying to perform it yourself.

If you do decide to have a chemical relaxer applied, we suggest, for keeping chemically treated hair in the best condition as possible, the following: No Heat (try to air dry hair at all times if possible - Or at least use Less Heat). Also be careful of harsh Shampoos and Conditioners (when used more than needed, these can actually damage hair). As far as internal supplements, MSM and Flaxseed Oil have been found to be beneficial to healthy hair follicles which is the root of healthy hair.

For weekly scalp/hair health: Part the hair and lightly apply Folligen Cream directly to the scalp. Gently massage in. This product is based on the Copper-Peptides (CPs) invented by biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart. Emu Oil-S for Hair can also be applied afterward and works as a penetrating agent to help the CPs further penetrate and increase effectiveness.

We emphasize that since we are not hair care professionals, Skin Biology is not able to give any recommendations on specific brands of relaxers or treatments to use and does not recommend the use of one specific treatment over the other.

For general information, see: The Truth About Hair Relaxers


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