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Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Dr. Pickart's unique blend of leave-on hydroxy acid exfoliators help fade sun damage, blemishes, and skin imperfections by heightening skin cell turn over.

Re-texturize aging skin, keep clogged pores clear, and add essential antioxidants back to your dermis.

Luminous skin IS possible with hydroxy acids + skin-nourishing copper peptides that even out skin tone for a blemished-reduced, firmer, youthful look*.

HOW TO USE: Apply one of the following hydroxy acids at the opposite end of the day as your chosen copper peptide.

Enhance your regimen using a microneedling roller.

Exfol Cream


Exfol Serum


Select a serum or cream (based on your skin type). Those with oily skin type: select a hydroxy acid serum. Those with dry skin type: select a hydroxy acid cream. Starting with a 2% hydroxy acid (tested on a small area first) might be a better idea for those with more reactive skin.

Exfol Serum:
2% salicylic - Oil free
Exfol Cream: 2% salicylic + Moisturizing lipids

LacSal Cream


LacSal Serum


Select a serum or cream (based on your skin type). Those with oily skin type: select a hydroxy acid serum. Those with dry skin type: select a hydroxy acid cream.

LacSal Serum: 8.5% lactic + 1.5% salicylic (oil-free)
LacSal Cream: 8.5% lactic + 1.5% salicylic cream
Lactic Power 10: Pure 10% lactic acid cream

NOTE: LacSal is an effective mix of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Lactic Power 10 is our option for those who cannot use salicylates.

LacSal Cream








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Advanced Regimen

Skin Needling Device


Skin Biology Microdermabrasion Cloth


Take exfoliation to the next level with our Microdermabrasion Cloth or Exfoliating Body Gloves for body skin.

Another option to break up damage and increase efficacy of copper peptides would be to use a Micro Needling Roller once or twice a month.









*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.


Anti-Aging Moisturizer Reviews

I usually use AHA's to exfoliate my skin, and while they have their place, they sometimes irritate my skin. I tried this product [Exfol Serum] and found it to be gentle yet effective in clearing out pores. I also use it to exfoliate skin on the elbows, ankles, and to help free ingrown hairs. It exfoliates quickly and I can use it daily on my face or body without any stinging, redness, or other signs of irritation.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I had a few blemishes which are fading. I am 37, and I've started using your Exfol Cream in the morning after apply CP Serum. Then in the evening, I use TriReduction after the CP Serum, also moisturizer goes on after these on both occasions.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

My boyfriend has the most beautiful skin. It is really amazing. I had no idea that he used products until a few months ago when I mentioned I thought my own skin looked awful--lines from out of nowhere, dull, age spots. It's been only in the last year where it has begun to age so obviously. Not good.

He said, "You have to get this stuff from Skin Biology. I've been using it for years!" He showed me a bottle of copper peptide serum and LacSal. I ordered them both. I have used them religiously for the last four months and and have seen such a difference. For the first time in MY LIFE, friends have noticed a difference in my skin. in MY LIFE, folks. (Sorry for all the capitals, but I am truly that excited.) "What are you doing to your skin? What are you using? I have to get some!"

- M. S.*
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I feel I have finally found a product line that I feel is really effective. Thank you. I have been using Lac10 and supercopx2. I use your emu oil..basically everything from your line. I have been using your products for 6 months. I am truly a believer and have read your book.

- L. Z.*
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

This makes my skin feel so soft. My skin is easily irritated by other exfoliants I have used, but this one is gentle and effective.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

A miracle that my skin loves it, I have dry skin and have the serum and don't find it drying at all, I can leave it on my skin for 30min without any tension. I got so many compliments on how smooth my skin is, wonderful!

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Regarding my is under control... I have been able to reduce [the appearance] rash that I had on my hands. It feels like another world to have "normal" hands. I have found LacSal to be almost a miracle. CPs have been truly life-changing for me.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Lacsal Serum has changed my skin and simplified my skincare routine. Although I am in my early fifties I still have an oily T Zone and congested skin on my cheeks. I have been using the Lacsal overnight for almost two years now and my pores appear smaller and I have seen a dramatic reduction in breakouts.

Thanks for another great product. M*
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Lacsal Serum has changed my skin and simplified my skincare routine. Although I am in my early fifties I still have an oily T Zone and congested skin on my cheeks.

I have been using the Lacsal overnight for almost two years now and my pores appear smaller and I have seen a dramatic reduction in breakouts. Thanks for another great product.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

My skin & I are totally in love with LacSal Cream, this product is amazingly gentle yet exfoliates to perfection not like anything I have ever used before this is my HG of exfoliators.

Client Submission*
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Thank you for sending the LacSal cream with my recent order! I'm loving the texture and feel and the cream has some tingle when I apply. I have normal to dry skin so really love the creamy feel. I have been using your products for about 17 months... I love your new product. Thank you again.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I have been using the LacSal for the past week and like it very much. This will be keeper for me... My skin is dry and the LacSal very much agrees with my skin type. I understand Dr. Pickart to have recommended that LacSal be used at opposite ends of the day from CPs. I prefer to use my LacSal at night, followed by CPs.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

I use a strong Retin A every night over top my Trireduction. In the morning I wash, put on a few drops of Super Cop then Lacsal, then moisturizer. Love, love, love the lacsal under my makeup. Feels great on my skin.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Lacsal Serum is amazing! I just finished my bottle of it and I can't believe how healthy and even my complexion looks. This stuff is great I tell you! I have such sensitive skin, the AHAs I try in the past made my skin so red and super dry, so I went slowly and used lacsal only 2 times a week.

I just want to say this is an amazing product! thank you thank you Dr. Pickart for creating Lacsal Serum. I love this product now and has become my favorite.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

We have had a lot of customers tell us that the LacSal Serum worked great for their oily prone skin... KEEP using the product. We have had absolutely no complaints about the LacSal serum, and have actually received repeated orders because of how great it works!!

- Reseller of Skin Bio Products*

I agree that LacSal is amazing! I used it for the first time just now, and it made my skin look calmer, the redness wasn't as noticeable, and my face felt smooth. That's just what I had upon the first application.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Since I have oily skin I've been using the following serums... Super CP Serum & Super GHK Serum (around eye area) in the morning and in the evening I use the LacSal Serum and the Super GHK Cream (around eye area).

This routine has helped my blemish-prone skin from breakouts and has reduced the shine on my face.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.


I'm 49 with the usual lines beside the mouth, and some wrinkles at face and neck. I started two months ago with Skin Signals Solution, Two Timing Tightener and Emu Oil Skin. Believe me, I've notice improvement on all those areas. A friend asked me what I was using, because she noticed how good my neck looks. Today, I received Skin Signal Cream, Exfol Cream and CP Ultimate Eye Cream.

S, Orlando, FL
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

My nasolabial lines are less visible with 2-3 applications of Exfol and CP Serum (and BHO - biological healing oils) daily.

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

Evelyn de Morgan - Eos


Hydroxy acids have long been considered to serve as one of the best exfoliation ingredients. They are naturally occurring, non-toxic substances that are safe for use in topical cosmeceuticals. You can find hydroxy acids in sour milk, wine, vinegar, fruits and other natural sources.

Most interestingly, they are also found in the human body (such as lactic acid – a natural component of the acid mantle).

Scientifically, these chemicals are known as alpha keto carboxylic acids and beta keto/carboxylic acids. Or as they are more commonly referred to: alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs).

Hydroxy acids gently dissolve the glue that holds dead skin cells together. Dissolving their adhesion helps shed them away. Exfoliation is a natural process which occurs all the time. In fact, it's happening in your skin right now! But you can assist the process. We help our skin to exfoliate when we rub it with a bath sponge while taking a shower or use other methods of manual abrasion. Hydroxy acids accomplish the same goal, only without applying any mechanical force.

Skin care products containing hydroxy acids include cleansers, moisturizers, toners, masks, age-spot removers, and other preparations. With regular use, a good exfoliator will help your skin release old keratinous scales so that new, smooth, fresh-looking skin can emerge.

Use of hydroxy acids can also help other active ingredients reach their target better. Tip! Whenever you want to increase efficacy of an active ingredient, use a regular method of exfoliation to make your skin more receptive.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. Is there any advantage in using a mixture of hydroxy acids (AHA + BHA)?
The best alpha hydroxy acid is lactic acid, because it is naturally found in skin. Salicylic acid is a very effective beta hydroxy acid and the best hydroxy acid for oily skin, because it is soluble in oil and can help clean the inside of the pore.

However, many of our clients who are specifically interested in anti-aging skin care have found that Dr. Pickart's unique blend of lactic + salicylic acid generates some amazing results. Of course, one should always remember the adage: Less Is More. Try one option for a few weeks and see which (alpha / beta / or a blend of the two) works best for you.


2. How long will it take before I notice any results?
The average length of our skin's natural rejuvenation cycle is about 4-5 weeks. With age, this cycle can take as long as 6-8 weeks. If you exfoliate your skin regularly during this time, you will notice considerable improvement in skin smoothness, freshness, tone and overall appearance. When properly exfoliated (and moisturized) skin naturally appears younger and vibrant with a more beautiful complexion.

We suggest to use a method of exfoliation + copper peptides (cream or serum) for at least 4-6 weeks. Typically it is within that time period that most clients start to notice visible results.


3. How effective are low percentage hydroxy acid products?
Studies show that products containing a concentration of 10% or less hydroxy acid (when applied regularly over a 6-week period) are just as effective as chemical peels using high concentrations (20% +) of hydroxy acid. Even though it may take some time to achieve an effect, results typically lasts longer and this approach does not cause damage to the skin. In the long run, slow and steady win the race!


4. Can I combine hydroxy acids with copper peptides?
Copper peptides enhance effects of hydroxy acids, while hydroxy acids help absorption. Together they are a winning team. We suggest that hydroxy acids and copper peptides be used on the opposite ends of the day or on alternate days.

Typically there is no need to mix the two compounds together. If necessity dictates that you apply them at the same time of day, always apply Skin Biology's hydroxy acid first, wait 20-30 minutes, then lightly apply your copper peptide product.


5. Are there any precautions I need to take when using hydroxy acids from Skin Biology?
Although our hydroxy acids are very mild (low percentage) they are best applied at night. Alpha hydroxy acids naturally increase sun sensitivity. If you need to apply them in the morning, always protect your skin from the sun. And always avoid applying hydroxy acids on broken, irritated, or damaged skin.


BETA Hydroxy Acids – What You May Not Know

Beta hydroxy acids (or BHAs) include salicylic acid, citric acid, and malic acid.

Citric and malic acids are considered to be both alpha and beta hydroxy acids because of their chemical structure, which contains both alpha and beta groups.

Some researchers suggest that BHAs (especially salicylic acid) may be more effective in exfoliating the skin layers and may be less irritating.

A legendary dermatologist, the late Dr. Albert Kligman, wrote that beta hydroxy acids (in particular salicylic acid) are better for treating mature skin, improving the appearance of fine wrinkles, and creating a more youthful complexion without producing irritation or causing sun sensitivity*.

*Of course, lactic acid is found naturally in the human skin acid mantle, is quite gentle, and is also known for producing beautiful results on mature skin.

Synthetic salicylic acid has long been used by dermatologists to treat adult skin breakouts and to soften calluses on feet. 

Especially useful for addressing oily skin concerns, salicylic acid is lipid soluble and hence penetrates the fatty sebum produced by sebaceous glands. If you have oily skin (or an oily T-Zone) we highly recommend consistent use of Exfol Serum – 2% salicylic acid.



Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Lactic acid – considered the best AHA
Glycolic acid
Malic acid
Citric acid
Alpha-hydroxyethanoic acid + ammonium alpha-hydroxyethanoate
Alpha-hydroxyoctanoic acid
Alpha-hydroxycaprylic acid
Hydroxycaprylic acid
Mixed fruit acid
Tri-alpha hydroxy fruit acids
Triple fruit acid
Sugar cane extract
Alpha hydroxy and botanical complex


Beta Hydroxy Acids
Salicylic acid Citric acid – considered both alpha & beta
Malic acid – considered both alpha & beta



Exfoliating hydroxy acid products are always best used in conjunction with a copper peptide regimen. For example, if you have chosen a hydroxy acid serum, order a copper peptide serum. If you've selected a hydroxy acid cream, use a copper peptide cream. Apply the hydroxy acid in the morning and use your copper peptide product at night. Or you can use them on alternating days.

AM: Apply your copper peptide serum or copper peptide cream
PM: Apply a hydroxy acid serum or hydroxy acid cream


Leave-on hydroxy acids work by slowly dissolving the links between damage (or dead) skin cells and heighten skin cell turnover rate. Apply lightly and leave on. Do not rinse off.


If you want to use another product with your hydroxy acid, be sure to wait about 20-30 minutes before you apply anything on top. After 20-30 mins, you can apply a light moisturizer or use a copper peptide evening cream.


Typical results take approximately 4-6 weeks of consistent use. Call us first before discontinuing your regimen. We may have ideas on how you can improve your results. Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 (01-425-644-0160) for additional suggestions.