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• Comparing Various Skin Biology Products

• What Are Copper Peptides?

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Comparing Various Skin Biology Products

Skin Biology is a research company and our products are often reformulated, refined and improved as we receive comments from our clients. Such product changes may cause confusion during the ordering process. Also, we often offer several products for one condition. The purpose of this page is to help you compare the subtle differences of different but similar products.

If you still have questions about product comparisons, please call or email Skin Biology.


What Are Copper Peptides?

An easy way to understand the meaning of a copper peptides is that it is simply a copper ion (like copper 2+) that is bound to a small peptide, usually a piece of a protein. In theory, there are millions of different copper peptides, some help skin, some do nothing, and some may even damage skin.

During my research on aging, I discovered a small peptide called GHK (short for Gly-His-Lys) in human blood that had a very high affinity for copper. It improved skin beauty and appearance, but declined with age. This is called GHK-copper and npw there is a huge amount of published science on it. GHK-copper is in some of our products.

I call other peptides 2nd Generation Copper Peptides. GHK is more gentle on skin, but the 2nd Generation Copper Peptides generally give stronger effects for specific conditions like blemishes. Both 1st and 2nd generation copper peptides have different applications depending on the skin condition.

GHK-copper is easier on sensitive skin and the 2nd Generation Copper Peptides work best on less sensitive skin.


Hair Signals Cream and Hair Signals Solution are advanced versions of Folligen Cream and Folligen Therapy Solution. We keep selling the Folligen products because many clients have happily used these for years.

Hair Signals Cream is similar to Folligen Cream but contains more ingredients reported to help the scalp and hair's appearance (Tea Extracts, Leucine, Polysorbate 20, Cholesterol Esters, Lanosterol Esters).

Hair Signals Solution is similar to Folligen Therapy Solution, but contains more ingredients reported to help hair (Tea Extracts, Polysorbate 80, Saw Palmetto Oil, Collagen Copper Peptides, Elastin Copper Peptides and a small amount of Sodium Salicylate).

Folligen for Blondes is similar to Folligen Spray but contains Tin Peptides, which add buoyancy to hair without the temporary green tint that is possible with Folligen products. Copper peptides in Folligen can temporarily add a green cast to blonde or color treated hair.

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