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At times removing damaged superficial skin causes deeply buried scar tissue to become more visible. It is this buried skin damage that is often covered over with normal skin. As such deep damage becomes visible, it is important to focus on the use of abrasion with skin needling to slough off the skin. Hydroxy acids help exfolitate the skin, while the advanced copper peptides supply nutritional copper.

Can you see buried skin damage?

Dr. Austin Richards (of Oculus Photonics LLP) is a consultant in the field of infrared and ultraviolet imaging. He has 9 years of industrial experience developing invisible-light imaging systems and applications. He developed the UVCorder™ out of the necessity for a digital imaging solution in the near-ultraviolet band. He is also the author of the book Alien Vision: Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum with Imaging Technology, and is the author of numerous articles and papers on the subject of invisible-light imaging. For more information see:


Burn mark on skin. Left-Visible, Right-UV

UV Damage Burn

Facial skin with mild sun damage. Left-Visible, Right-UV

UV Damage on Mans Face

Even this child's sun-induced hyperpigmentation and
natural freckling are not as visible to the naked eye.

UV Damage on Child

Injection mark on skin. Left-Visible, Right-UV

UV Discoloration


UVCorder Camera


UVCorder™ is a hand-held digital ultraviolet imaging solution. The UVCorder makes it possible to view scenes in the near-ultraviolet band and acquire digital video and stills quickly and easily. It replaces awkward film-based camera systems in applications as diverse as forensics, art conservation and biological research.

The UVCorder™ consists of a standard Sony Camcorder equipped with the Sony Intelligent Accessory Shoe, upon which is mounted a special ultraviolet camera module, or UVM. The shoe provides electrical power to the UVM, which plugs into the shoe much like an accessory light or flash unit. The UVM contains a silicon CCD camera with enhanced ultraviolet response in the 300-400nm range, and a peak response at 370nm.

A special filter rejects both visible and infrared light from reaching the sensor. This means that the UVCorder™ can be used in situations where the ultraviolet illumination is lower than the visible or infrared illumination. For example, on a clear, sunny day, the UV images formed by the camera are 99% ultraviolet in their spectral content. A standard black light can be used in indoor situations, since by design most interior lighting emits little UV light.


Videos by Skin Biology

Our how-to-videos explain a number of topics (including how to reduce the appearance of skin damage and blemishes) in a simplified manner while providing answers to frequently asked questions and highlighting specific products that will work best to help start reversing the effects of aging or damage on your skin and hair. See:




What is Buried Skin Damage