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Help for Bumpy Skin
Getting rid of a bumpy skin texture (due to past damage or blemishes) requires effort. Techniques such as skin needling or skin rollers, may help diminish the look of an uneven skin texture, blemishes, or discolorations*.

STEP 1: Select a copper peptide based on your skin type. Dry skin types should use creams / Oily-to-combination skin types can use serums.

STEP 2. Select a hydroxy acid exfoliator.

STEP 3. Enhance with a strong spot treatment cream such as Super Cop 2X Extra Strength.

TIP! - Boost results
with a microneedling device to improve penetration of copper peptide serums*.
Basic Regimen

Apply a light layer in the morning. TriReduction Cream for dry skin areas, Super CP Serum for oily skin areas. Or use the NEW! GHK-Cu Crepey Skin Escape on body skin areas.

Best Crepey Skin Cream


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Super CP Serum


TriReduction Cream


LacSal Serum


LacSal Cream


Exfoliate completely by applying a light layer of a hydroxy acid cream or serum in the evening.






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Advanced Regimen

GHK MSM serum


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Super Cop Cream 2X Extra Strength


Blemish spot treatment: Super Cop 2X Extra Strength (contains a heightened concentration of copper peptides) ---Or use the NEW! GHK+MSM Skin Smoothing Serum nourish and smooth damaged areas.








Blemish Care Kit


Skin Biology Microdermabrasion Cloth


Take exfoliation to the next level with our Microdermabrasion Cloth, Exfoliating Body Gloves, or sample our peptide products in the comprehensive Blemish Care Kit.









*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.


Testimonials from Clients

Copper Peptide Reviews Before After Photos

Copper Peptide Reviews Before After Photos

April 5th, 2019:
Here's an update about the skin on my neck. I used the Squalane Oil for two days and my skin was improving, but it became very dry and itchy. So I did more research on the Skin Biology site and saw that the Super GHK Cream works well on irritated skin. Yesterday morning, after cleansing with Dr. Pickart's soap bar, I smoothed some of the cream on my neck and applied some Squalane Oil over it for better absorption. Not only did the combination help the dryness, but the irritation and itchiness reduced dramatically. Now I'm using the application of the cream and oil day and night. The irritation is not completely gone, but it's improving very nicely. I'm so excited! Using these products means that I will no longer need to use other creams which may weaken the skin. I'm taking pictures of the progress and will send them to you once my neck has been restored.

April 8th:
Here's an update regarding my skin. The irritation on my neck has gotten MUCH better in the front, but the rash is still on both sides of my neck. Because of this, I still wash my neck as normal but starting tonight, I'm dabbing hydrogen peroxide on the area and smooth it with Gold Bond Medicated Baby Powder. However, in the morning, I'll return to using the Super GHK Cream with Squalane over it. Regarding the LacSal Serum usage...when applying the serum to my skin, the raised skin is gone and the small bumps are reduced. There's no itching whatsoever. All these problems stem from having used that Triamcinolone Cream for years which thinned my face and neck skin. I just hope I'm not too late to repair the damage I've done.

April 14th:
The rash on my neck looks so much better thanks to the "Skin Soothing Serum". Yay! I still have some texture irregularities, but over all it looks much better. I'm so thankful to give this item a try. I have been using the Soothing and Smoothing Serum for almost a week and that rapidly helped my neck skin. The bumps and tenderness are no longer there, only dark dry patches are left behind. That serum is wonderful by the way.

April 22nd:
I have some great news. The rash on my neck has dramatically improved using Dr. Pickart's products. Yay! I'll send you the pictures of the entire process later on today. The products I used were as follows:

--- Disinfected area with 3% hydrogen peroxide at night for three days.
--- Followed using the Soothing and Smoothing Serum or GHK-Cu Cream (twice a day then once a day alternating the products).
--- For moisturizing: Squalane Oil and Emu Oil (as needed)
--- For mild exfoliation: Exfol Cream, nightly (this cream didn't irritate my neck in the least. Love it!)

Thank you Dr. Pickart for saving my skin and making wonderful products. I definitely will be ordering more in the future. Forever grateful and follower for life,


OMG ... I love your new Crepey skin product!! I am 57 and have been using it for about 3 weeks. Skin on my forearms looks less crepey! Yay! My problem is that I want to use it everywhere... Always love your products!!


Thank you again for providing such incredible products. I live and work in Beverly Hills (one of the most aesthetically driven places on Earth, LOL) and have been receiving many compliments on my skin. I happily provide them your website and my glowing recommendations. Thanks for keeping so many people radiant and happy.

T, California

This product [GHK-Cu Crepey Skin Escape] works, and it works fast. I am using it on my arms and legs, and have seen about 60% improvement in both feel and appearance just a week. Before using this product, the skin had a map-like quality, will all kinds of fine crinkles. It looked cracked, just as clay soil that has baked in the summer sun looks. I was using all kinds of scrubs and oils, to no avail. I look forward to seeing the results after a month. I am 63.

-Best, G. Your Loyal Customer
*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

First off, I have to say that these products are absolutely amazing. I'm shocked. I bought the CP Serum with CP Night Eyes... My face has never been so smooth and soft, it's definitely tightened. I'm 26 and using this mainly to even out my skin...and it feels so different. It's only been about 3 weeks so I'm looking forward to the future results!


I took a picture not at the beginning but a month or so into it. I took it in outdoor light. If I did not have that, I could not tell how greatly improved and improving still after only 3.5 months! I really wanted to recommend taking a photo because you will forget how bad you really were as you start to improve and search for perfection! ... I truly believe that this copper of Dr. Pickart's is going to make my skin perfect.


I use this in the morning and a hydroxy acid at night and my skin has never been clearer. I too have combo skin, with occasional breakouts on forehead, nose, & chin, and those funny little bumps along my jaw & temples. This is great stuff, and the service has always been good. I also recommend trying their samples. I originally ordered two sets of samples, so I could try the 6 different formulations. Good luck!

GG @

I got my samples two weeks ago (P&R 2,3 & 7). Used P&R #3 first, but my skin reacted badly towards it. It got all itchy and red. I used this three times and then gave up on it. P&R 2 is wonderful. I use it at night and by morning my skin is smooth, and after two weeks of use, progressively clearer. I wrote to Dr Loren Pickart with feedback and I was advised that my skin is sensitive and should stick with the mild formulations. Interestingly, I never thought I had sensitive skin before... P&R 7 I use for the day time. It is the one with sunscreen in it. I use it under make-up and it is great as a base. Makes the skin matte & smooth... I would recommend it to anyone.


P&R - really smoothed out my skin - I'm even using it around my eyes now!


First things first. I've been using Tri-Reduction and Exfol Cream for one month, and I want to thank you for the great results I've seen. My skin is much smoother and I have seen some blemishes...become less noticeable. Very Good!!


I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been using these products (Tri-Reduction & Exfol Cream in combination with the Classic Protect & Restore cream & Exfol Cream) depending on how my skin is acting. I am 32, with blemish prone skin, with some scarring. I have been using these products for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks now, and let me tell you, WOW, I have tried EVERYTHING you could imagine on my skin, some of them helping a little, but this stuff has made a drastic difference in my skin in only 3 weeks, its looks fresh and smooth, I always have good makeup days (you know when your makeup looks really good on your skin) and I use about 1/2 the amount of makeup as I did before, (I have nothing to conceal now!!!) I can't believe these products work so quick!!!!! Well that's all i wanted to say, thank you very much for the MUCH IMPROVED SKIN!!!

I want to thank you for all the helpful information provided on your site in addition to your wonderful products. I've been on the Super Cop Cream alternating with the TriReduction and Emu Oil-S for several months now. I also use Retin-A a few times a week. I recently did some glycolic peels just on the skin damaged area once a week to speed up the results and that area on my face keeps getting better. I thought I would have to live with my skin the way it was before (uneven texture and hypopigmented from a burn) but I'm determined to have beautiful skin again. The smoothness of my skin and return to healthy skin is so great to witness. Thank you Dr. Pickart and your helpful staff, your products are incredible. I'm thrilled with the results on my skin!
God Bless.


*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.



What Is "Bumpy" Skin?

"Bumpy" skin is a mixture of skin lesions and old scars. In order to smooth and repair damaged skin, a strong skin rejuvenation system is required.


Bumpy Skin Graphic

How to Get Rid of Bumpy Skin
An effective copper peptide product and hydroxy acid may be needed for exfoliation. Many find Super Cop 2X Extra Strength and Super CP Serum to be the most effective products.

Manual methods of abrasion such as hydroxy acid peels, microdermabrasion cloths, enzyme peels, or skin needling (microneedling) is sometimes used to break up a lumpy texture.




If you have very sensitive skin, always start with our mildest copper peptide: Super GHK-Copper Cream. If you are prone to oily skin, use Super CP Serum with Exfol Serum.


It takes about a month to start noticing an improvement. But really good results take several months.


If you have combination-to-oily skin type, use the serum/liquid oil-free versions of our products. If you have normal-to-dry skin type, use the creams. For spot treatments only: use the cream versions, once or twice a day regularly.


Typical results take approximately 4-6 weeks of consistent use*. The key is to keep working on the skin texture. If you do not see enough progress, try using a stronger hydroxy acid such as a 40% lactic acid peel.


Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 for further help.

*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.