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Fast Beard Growth

Dr. Pickart's advanced copper peptides along with FDA approved minoxidil provide the required synergy to enhance the appearance of both facial and scalp hair.


1. Use Minoxidil to help hair growth.

2. Use Folligen Cream or Folligen Spray as the perfect system for improved beard, mustache, or sideburn luster.

3. Apply a light amount of Emu Oil for Hair to assist penetration of the products and for enhanced scalp moisturization.

Folligen Minoxidil Copper Peptide Video


Basic Regimen

Use Folligen Cream for beard, mustache, sideburns, or hairline OR use Folligen Therapy Solution. Or sample ALL products with our Folligen Total Therapy Trial Kit.

Folligen Trial Pack


Folligen Spray




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Advanced Regimen

Hair Regrowth System for Men


SAVE by purchasing Folligen Cream
and Minoxidil together with our Folligen
+ MInoxidil Combo
. Or use our
specialized product: Hair Signals
Therapy Solution







Super CP Serum


Additional Options:
Some clients (especially those with oily skin) have used our facial products such as Super CP Serum on the beard, mustache, hairline, or side burns.



Testimonials from Clients


Beard Testimonial

I'm trying to fill the gaps in my beard in & thicken it overall. I have been using Minoxidil, Super CP Serum & Tricomin about 3 times a day... I'm sure that some hairs have started to darken & lengthen. I can say these were not there before, but they have all the traits of in-between or early stage transformation to terminal hairs.

I use large doses of Super CP Serum on the face and have found no irritation or side effects. I use up to 2ml per dosing. I have also used Folligen as well in a similar dosage. I have no solid reports to give any comparison between the two, but I do feel personally that the Super CP is more effective, although I did see similar effects from both.

- C.R.

I am sure you get thousands of emails everyday, but that is what happens when you become the King of Youth. … I always loved your products, I have been with you for years. I watched all the other skin companies try to catch up to your knowledge, but they just can't match. My respect is with you for always telling the truth and offering excellent products. And so far, I am glad I always followed Skin Biology because thanks to your great knowledge, I do not look 53! Many people call me baby face because of no wrinkles and I want to keep my title!

Sincere and loyal customer, -P.

The Desire for Thicker Facial Hair

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If follicular health is improved or maintained, thicker, fuller facial hair can often be stimulated.

Male Hair Appearance - Our Suggestions
Our recommendations, based on feedback from many male customers, our suggestions would be to:

Start with Copper Peptides:
Folligen Lotion, Folligen Cream,
Folligen Spray or
Hair Signals Solution,
Hair Signals Cream:

We recommend using Folligen four to five times a week as a light coating applied before bedtime.


Emu Oil Can Help
Many of our customers have reported that the combination of Folligen and emu oil often helps rejuvenate their hair.

Minoxdil (2% or 5%)
For more hair growth, add in 2% Minoxidil. This can be progressively increased to 5% Minoxidil to stimulate hair growth. Sometimes minoxidil produces scalp irritation. If this happens, stop the minoxidil and use only Folligen until your scalp health is calmed. Then reuse the 2% minoxidil and the minoxidil 5% if your scalp remains healthy.



Use Emu Oil S Lipid Replenisher on top of other product to facilitate penetration into the scalp.

Typical results take approximately 4-6 weeks of consistent use.


Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 for further help.