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Social Pheromones: Attract Women

Be the center of attention from that special woman in your life.

Fragrant plant pheromones have been enjoyed for thousands of years in marriage beds, religious ceremonies, and family gatherings.


1. Apply your favorite Body Perfume with Pheromone fragrance daily --- See options below.

2. Massage in Calypso's Replenishing Youth Oils after bathing.

3. For all-over body care, use a scented Protect & Restore Body Lotion fragrance.

Basic Regimen

Preferred by many women: Use Dr. Pickart's Romantic Perfume Oil for Men, or Body Perfume YlangYlang/Nutmeg, or SAVE with our Special Sampler Promotion.

Body Perfumes

COMBO - 3 for $30

Body Perfume


Romantic Perfume Oils


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Advanced Regimen

Protect & Restore Body Lotion


Calypso's Oil


Advanced scent layering is accomplished by using Calypso's Oil or a scented Protect & Restore Body Lotion before applying your perfume.








4 Sensuous Scents - An Omni OIl


Women and men alike enjoy our exclusive 4 Sensuous Scent Oil (a unique blend of the top four fragrances reported to enhance interpersonal bonding: cucumber, licorice, lavender, and pumpkin oil).






Testimonials from Clients

I am really sold on Calypso's Oil. I had a first date with a new girlfriend so I followed your instructions and after my shower, I rubbed a small amount of oil over my chest. I said nothing to my new friend about the oil, but in my apartment she keep telling how great I smelled and asked where I got that great cologne. She said she really loved the smell and aroma. Anyway, it was a perfect start for a first date.

- D.D. Washington State

My wife and I have tried your oils (the ylang ylang oil). It has really been great for us and really bring out some wonderful and unexpected emotions.

- H.P.

I am 60 and the oil is working better than Viagra for me. I prefer the oils with ylang ylang. My wife agrees.

R.S. Washington State

I have been using several different oils for a while, but whenever I use (#100) Yang Yang and Nutmeg oil, I always get compliments (100% from women) on how "wonderful" or how "nice" I smell. Once in a while a woman will make quite a point of it, and a couple of times it has gotten a little embarrassing. "What are you wearing? I really have to know..."


Attract Ladies: Pheromones, Attraction, and Scent

Lawrence Alma-Tadema - A Vain Courtship

Pheromones research reveals that human emotions are most directly influenced by smells that act directly into the brain. Your scent or pheromone signature determines, to a very great extent, how women respond to you - positively or negatively. So, how to attract ladies may have much to do with the strongest pheromones they pick up on when around you. Our products (Calypso's Oil, Protect & Restore Body Lotion (lotion for men) and Body Perfume (parfume for men) use aromatic essential oils mixed with the best pheromones proven for thousands of years to improve interpersonal bonding and pleasantness in marriage ceremonies, family gatherings, and religious gatherings.

Those looking for pheromones to attract women should wear scents that have been proven to be very appealing to women.









Pheromones, Attraction, and Apocrine Glands

Edmund Blair Leighton - Alain Chartier

Humans have glands at the base of the hair follicles of the skin, especially in the armpits and and the genital regions that produce odors, called pheromones, that attract the opposite sex. The active compounds causing these effects are uncertain, but they appear to consist of short-chain fatty acids such as propionic acid and butyric acid (both of which in their pure state have strong and disagreeable smells). Steroid hormones, related to androsterone, also seem to function as sexual attractants.

Human pheromones may serve more to increase feelings of comfort, pleasantness and relaxation with another person than to cause feelings of sexual attraction. One double-blinded, well-controlled study by Winnifred Cutler, a researcher in human pheromones, found that human pheromones increased the attractiveness of men to women as measured by the frequency of petting/affection/kissing, informal dating (that is, a date not arranged the day before) and sleeping with a romantic partner. However, formal dating and sexual self-stimulation was not changed. While pheromone actions exist in humans, their effect is moderate, increasing interpersonal cooperation and friendliness, and is heavily modified by other psycho-social factors.

Does bathing remove your natural sexual attractants? Human pheromones are fatty molecules with low water solubility. Bathing and swimming in detergent-free water, saunas, and steam baths should have only a moderate effect on pheromone removal. However, heavy use of soaps and detergents could strip away your natural sexual attractants and lower your skin pheromone levels.

Videos by Skin Biology

Our how-to-videos and shorts will explain a number of topics in a fun, simplified way while providing the answers to frequently asked questions and highlighting specific products you start using today! See:



The pheromone-containing oil, lotion or perfume should be applied lower on your torso. As heat rises, your personal pheromones mix with the pheromones of our product and a calming scent becomes perceptible.


Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 for further help.