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How to Reduce the Appearance of Crepey Loose Skin

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One of the most distinctive qualities of young skin is its ability to stretch and then return to its previous state. Imagine invisible rubber bands that pull the skin back. However, as we age, those rubber bands weaken, until the skin becomes loose. Since the law of gravity is the one we all have to obey, our skin eventually begins to sag, forming flaps and folds.

Help for Crepey Skin: The Natural or Unnatural Way?

There was a time when the only solution to loose and sagging skin was plastic surgery. The surgeon would carve excessive skin and tighten it up, creating the illusion of wrinkle-free skin. However, anyone who would touch this surgically tightened skin would immediately discover the difference. Even after tightening, such skin would never regain the wonderful plumpness and elasticity of youth.

Recently, new methods of skin tightening have been introduced. For example, skin can be tightened using radiofrequency (RF) and infrared (IF) devices. If you want to imagine what happens to your skin when you use those methods, think of a piece of meat in a microwave or on a hot pan. As you heat up the pan or turn a microwave oven on, the meat cooks and curls, due to tightening of collagen strands. The same happens in your skin with such unnatural procedures.

In addition, those methods inflict mild damage that triggers a healing response, leading to production of new collagen. Those methods are usually well-tolerated and produce noticeable improvements.

However, the skin does not become younger it only becomes tighter. We still do not know what damage radiofrequency and infrared waves can do to the skin's cells. Recently, infrared light was implicated in skin aging, so this is something to keep in mind.

This product [GHK-Cu Crepey Skin Escape] works, and it works fast. I am using it on my arms and legs, and have seen about 60% improvement in both feel and appearance just a week. Before using this product, the skin had a map-like quality, with all kinds of fine crinkles. It looked cracked, just as clay soil that has baked in the summer sun looks. I was using all kinds of scrubs and oils, to no avail. I look forward to seeing the results after a month. I am 63.

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*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.

There Is a Gentler Way!

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But what if we could restore those "rubber bands" that pull the skin back when it is younger? If we could do this, not only would we manage to eliminate loose and sagging skin, but we would achieve overall improvement in its appearance, making it smooth, supple and elastic.

There are two kinds of proteins that make the skin resilient, firm and elastic. They are called collagen and elastin. Collagen molecules look like long spirals that form a supportive net within the skin. They make the skin firm, smooth and resilient. Elastin molecules look like short squat coils. They just sit there, doing nothing, but their power becomes apparent when the skin is pulled or pinched. Yes, it is elastin coils that act like rubber bands pulling the skin back.

So you see, both collagen and elastin are required to keep your skin firm and elastic. However, it is easier to stimulate collagen synthesis than it is with elastin. This is why when the skin starts to sag, most methods of rejuvenation fail to restore its elasticity.

Another problem is excessive skin. When flaps and folds form, the skin becomes stretched. Unless you surgically cut the excess skin, those flaps and folds remain.

Skin Rejuvenating

The answer lies in a natural process called skin rejuvenating. It starts after wounding, injury or excessive stretching of skin such as after pregnancy and weight loss.

If you have ever given birth, you remember how your tummy looked right after delivery. Yet, within a year or two your skin was back to normal. Somehow your body was able to remove excessive skin and tighten it up. If you were able to recreate this process in your aging skin, you would not have to worry about wrinkles.

The same is true with wounds. If you observe a healing wound, you will see that your skin is pulled tighter around it. Often the area around the freshly healed wound looks smoother, firmer and tighter than the surrounding skin. This is because not only elastin, but also collagen is produced and reorganized.

An older woman with tightened skin

Skin Rejuvenating Process

1) Removal of damaged skin

When you are young, your skin is constantly renewing itself. It destroys worn out and damaged proteins and structures and replaces them with new ones. If you have ever remodeled your house, you know how this works. You absolutely don't want to build anything new until you throw away everything that is broken or unsightly. Within your skin, there are special cleaning cells that produce enzymes that break down old proteins. Busy, busy, busy this is what is transpiring inside of your skin.

However, as we age, our cells become a bit lazy. The main reason is that they too, are getting old. Usually, old cells are replaced by new ones emerging from stem cells. But as we age this process slows down, because stem cells do not receive the correct signals. However, in the case of an injury or if skin rejuvenating is jump-started by providing the right signals, (such as copper-peptides), the removal of old protein is activated again.

2) Production of new collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans

The skin starts producing new proteins and a water-building gel glycosaminoglycans. This process is also activated either by controlled skin damage (such as exfoliating acids) or by others activators of rejuvenating.

3) Reorganization of supportive structures.

Both collagen and elastin can do their job only when they are properly organized. One molecule that helps in this process is called decorin. Think of it as a guide that helps molecules find their way into the right structural configuration. Collagen molecules have to weave themselves into long spirals, while elastin has to coil into short springs.

Unfortunately, as we age, there is less and less decorin in the skin. Many ingredients that stimulate collagen do not provide this guidance and as a result, all you get is lumps of collagen, which do nothing to support skin. Yet, decorin synthesis can be activated either by controlled damage or by activators of skin rejuvenating.

Choose Rejuvenating

Woman with beautiful tight skin

There are many reasons to choose skin rejuvenating even if you decided to undergo plastic surgery or threaten your skin with RF or IF devices. And there is certainly good reason to use skin rejuvenating if you do not want to use those aggressive methods.

Skin Rejuvenating Copper Peptides allow you to utilize your skin's natural power to restore elasticity and firmness in your skin. It is a completely natural and very safe method that won't accelerate aging. It can improve results of plastic surgery or aggressive methods of rejuvenation, and it can help you enjoy a young and radiant appearance for many years to come.

Even though skin rejuvenating is a slow process, you will feel confident knowing that month after month there is an ongoing rejuvenation process occurring inside your skin. And as you see your skin becoming smoother and feel its elasticity restored, you will be rewarded with compliments and envious whispers everyone you go.

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