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Makeup Tips: When Makeup Ravages the Skin Tips You Can Use Today

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up." Most of us have that famous quote imprinted in our memories. Gloria Swanson, an aging starlet, walks into a scene of flashing cameras believing she still radiates the glow of her youth. Instead, we see decades of wrinkles earned from acting under hot lights. Yet, age is not the only factor that hampers an actor's skin. Even young actresses develop flaws that result from hot lights and harsh makeup. From afar, we see a young star's silky skin sweep the screen. However, in the close-ups, we notice that she actually has skin riddled with moles, spots, or other skin damage. How can this be?

Many actors who make it in show business start out as stunning beauties with flawless skin. They often begin their careers as models before ending up on the big screen, and no doubt are successful in part due to their healthy, glowing complexions. However the celebrity lifestyle can also damage an actor's beautiful claim to fame. A sad irony that is preventable.

"Spotted-Face" Beauties

Actors and models lead unique lives. They face the spot light of fans and paparazzi who scrutinize their every move on screen and magazines. No other professions require the same dedication to appearance. Sadly, the celebrity lifestyle, which includes the constant application and removal of makeup, the harsh effects of stage lighting and a high level of stress, can take its toll on skin. This especially holds true for actresses and female models. However, makeup and stress plays havoc on all of us who love cosmetics.

Most damaging of all is the constant application and removal of foundation, eye shadow, blusher, and a whole bucket load of cosmetics. Both makeup (with its colored salts and chemical dyes) and makeup removers (which remove the protective acid mantle) are harsh on the skin. Actors and models need to quickly change makeup between photos and scenes. And many of us who don't live under the spotlight still like to change our makeup after work before going out for an evening of festivities.

This requires that we apply, remove and re-apply many coats in quick succession. Other times, actresses wear heavy foundation for hours at a stretch before they strip away the pasty gook with a makeup remover at the end of the day.

Whatever the circumstances, the frequent application and removal of makeup makes the skin more susceptible to the development of skin damage, warts, moles, sun damage, and skin lesions. It is therefore essential for actresses, models, and all of us who adore our makeup to learn how to properly protect and care for our skin.

Skin-care Tips for Actors, Models, and Makeup Lovers

Here are some easy steps to follow that are designed to address the specific concerns you may face...for your beautiful face.


1. Before putting on makeup, wash your face with a gentle cleanser that has pH from slightly acidic to neutral (5.5-7.0). Many cleansers and soap have strong alkaline pH and can be disruptive to the skin barrier, leaving your skin especially vulnerable to the damaging influence of makeup.

2. After cleansing your face, apply a thin coat of a light moisturizing cream to protect your skin. Here at Skin Biology, we believe that creams with natural antioxidants and skin-supportive copper-peptides are the best. Of course, you'll want to make sure that your moisturizer doesn't contain any irritating or damaging substances. A rule of thumb is if you see a long list of ingredients with chemically sounding names beware! Also, many exotic plant extracts may be harmful to your skin and may contain toxic or irritating substances. Your moisturizer should work as a protective shield against substances that can wreak havoc in your skin. You do not want it to be an additional chemical burden.

3. At the end of the day, wash your face again with warm water and mild cleanser. Your makeup remover should not contain alcohol. However, most makeup removers do damage the skin barrier, which means that you need to take special care restoring it. For better results use biological oils to remove makeup.

4. Normally your skin is quite capable of restoring its protective layer, but if you damage it too often, it may need help. In this case your best friend will be hydroxy acids which work well to remove dead skin cells and damaged skin proteins, dissolving flaws that impair a beautiful complexion. Use them if you will not be wearing heavy makeup under hot lights. Avoid using hydroxy acids in sunlight since they make skin photosensitive. It is better to use hydroxy acid products in the evening. Lactic acid is a gentle acid that naturally occurs in skin. It helps to exfoliate skin cells and build a strong barrier. For best results use hydroxy acids once or twice a week.

Copper Element

5. On days when you do not use hydroxy acids, use natural biological oils to moisturize your skin and improve barrier recovery. Such oils as squalane (a natural protective component of skin oil) and Emu Oil help keep skin supple and well moisturized without causing additional barrier disruption or skin irritation.

6. Finally, you can also use copper peptides to improve your skin's look and beauty. They support natural barrier recovery in your skin and ensure a supple and radiant appearance.

For All of Us Who Love Makeup

Although not all of us reading this article are models and actors, many of us love to wear makeup. We may be aware that many products can harm our skin. Yet the temptation to adorn ourselves lures us back to our makeup bags brimming over with goodies and gook. Therefore, all of us with a passion for makeup can benefit from these skin-care tips. Besides, if after adorning our faces, we feel like movie stars...well what's the harm with that? Just take care of your skin and it will take care of you. In fact, if you care for your skin well, by avoiding damaging and toxic cosmetic products, you may just find you look beautiful without makeup.


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