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Wrinkle Care Around the Eyes Define, Smooth, and Rejuvenate

What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone? Usually it is the eyes. They are called the window into the soul or the mirror of your personality. They soften with compassion, widen in surprise and light up in excitement. They sometimes say so much more than we can express with our words. Yet, the eyes are also the first to show the tell-tale signs of aging.

It starts with fine lines in the corners of our eyes. As they deepen and multiply, they evolve into wrinkles known as crow's feet. Then the eyelids start to droop, and develop wrinkles, too. Stress, sleepless nights and circulation problems can cause bags under the eyes. In addition, you may get "the panda eyes" dark circles around the eye.

Even if you take good care of your face and look much younger than most people your age, your eyes will betray you. Remember, they are the first to attract people's attention. Unless you resort to wearing dark glasses at all times, it is important to start dealing with around-the-eye skin aging as soon as possible.

Should you Use Sunscreens Around the Eye?

Since the skin around the eye is very thin, it is easily damaged by UV-rays. Therefore, it seems logical to use sunscreens to protect the skin around the eyes. However, this may be not the best strategy.

First of all, many chemical sunscreens are strong skin irritants and may cause redness and swelling around the eyes. Second, chronic irritations caused by sunscreens may lead to dark circles. And finally, many sunscreens create an illusion of safety, while allowing the most dangerous part of the UV-light to penetrate your skin. This won't prevent skin damage it may simply accelerate it.

In the past, women wore hats and veils. This made sense because it allowed them to shade their eyes from the sun and keep the skin young and beautiful for much longer. Even in our sophisticated times, hats are still the best protection since they shade the eyes from all types of UV-radiation, unlike sunscreens that often allow some of the UV-radiation to filter through. Also, don't forget your sunglasses when you go outdoors on a sunny day.

Your skin is naturally protected from UV-damage by natural antioxidants. However, as we age, the level of antioxidants in our skin drops dramatically. Use a day cream or serum containing natural skin antioxidants such as vitamin E, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, coenzyme Q10, and vitamin C. Also, green tea polyphenols and aloe offer good protection from sun damage.

Smile Lines

Laughter extends life while strong emotions make it worth living. However, laughter and strong emotions lead to wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Today, the most popular method to remove mimic wrinkles around the eyes is injections of botulinum toxin. However, not only may it cause such unpleasant side effects as dry eyes, droopy eyelids or ptosis, it may accelerate eye skin aging.

Picture of a Lady

One way to reduce mimic wrinkle formation is with adequate skin moisturization. When the skin is elastic and well moisturized, it can tolerate stretching much better. Another way is to support collagen and elastin formation in your skin by using rejuvenating creams.

Dark Circles and Baggy Eyes

Baggy eyes result from three main problems accumulation of fat under the eyes, circulation problems and loss of skin elasticity, whereas thinning of skin and the subcutaneous fat under the eye leads to hollow eyes and dark circles. The skin under the eyes may darken due to hormonal problems, chronic inflammation caused by UV-damage, as well as some internal diseases.

Good sleep and regular aerobic exercises will help to improve the appearance of baggy eyes and dark circles. Home remedies such as cold tea compresses or applications of fresh cucumber rings will refresh the eyes and reduce swelling and dark circles. Cosmetic products with aloe also help brighten the eyes and reduce dark circles.

What to avoid when caring for your eyes:

Products with chemical sunscreens, especially those that have high SPF. Protect your eyes with wide brimmed hat or sunglasses instead.

Fragranced products they are often irritating and may increase dark circles

Heavy moisturizers that lock moisture in the skin they may cause swelling and make bags under the eye more apparent

Cosmetic creams with complex formulations when you see a cream that contains 40-60 ingredients, do not use it under the eyes.

Vitamin K creams there is no scientific evidence that they help with dark circles. They may be harmful to your skin.

Another close up painting of a woman focusing on her eyes

Skin Biology has developed GHK LUXE Eye Cream with Tri-Factor Complex and CP Ultimate Eye Cream for comprehensive eye care. These creams are specifically designed to improve the appearance of dark circles, baggy eyes and fine wrinkles while at the same time encouraging more elastic and firmer skin.

Both creams contain Dr. Pickart's exclusive formulation of copper peptides, aloe vera gel, a mixture of natural antioxidants and a natural moisturizer (squalane) that will gently moisturize your skin, saturate it with antioxidants, brighten the look around your eyes and promote a fresh, smooth and tighter skin appearance.



GHK DMAE Eye Cream


CP Ultimate Eye Cream


Two Timing Tightener 2X


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