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Skin Biology's mission is to create cosmetic products that promote healthy & ageless skin appearance. Many cosmetic products slowly damage skin health. Our mission is to emphasize the skin's natural activators of rejuvenation, while avoiding alien chemicals.








Overview - What Is Skin Biology?

Skin Biology is a family owned biotechnology research center focused on cosmetic products and headed by noted biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart and wife Charlene Pickart who brings experience from her background in Family Health Nursing. Daughter and chemist Francoise Pickart has monitored the development of website and ingredient information, helping to blend complex science into a manner that is easy to understand.

Read our mission. Find out how we are different.

Dr. Pickart is assisted by lab technicians for the production and filling of products and other staff members who specialize in providing customer service, product design, and general office procedures.

We are dedicated to providing products that aid in improving the appearance of skin and scalp conditioning. Copper peptides were originally discovered by Dr. Pickart who has since launched two successful biotechnology companies.

Currently we are focused on product development and patent applications based on Dr. Pickart's continuing research on how best to utilize copper-peptides for a variety of skin concerns. Feedback from clients has directly influenced the creation of many products and techniques. We work very closely with our clients towards the mutual goal of beautiful looking skin.

Download Skin Biology Brochure
Download Skin Biology Brochure

Watch How-To Videos on Frequently Asked Questions

Videos by Skin Biology

Our how-to-videos explain a number of topics in a simplified manner while providing answers to frequently asked questions and highlighting specific products that you can start using today. See:

STAFF - Assisting you with all your skin and hair care needs

Francoise Charlene and Genevieve Pickart

From Left to Right:
Francoise Pickart, Charlene Pickart, Genevieve Pickart

Daughter Francoise has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Washington and is a graduate of Columbia University.

Charlene who has a Masters in Family Health Nursing comments: "As a professional nurse, I believe that we have an important role in promoting skin health, positive self image, and helping individuals to make informed choices."

Genevieve Pickart has a degree in Economics following the business pattern in her family.


Genevieve Pickart

Genevieve Pickart, in addition to working at Skin Biology, has a degree in Economics following the business pattern in her family.



PhD in Biology, Anna Margolina is a Russian science writer and former scientific editor of Cosmetics & Medicine magazine. She is also the author of several books on cosmetology and has recently joined our Skin Biology team as a writer and science consultant.





Customer Service Specialist / Lab Tech and Office Assistant

Specialties: Customer relations and improvement of office efficiency





Dr. Pickart's Approach to Making Skin Products

1. All products are designed to help improve the appearance of skin. Many cosmetic products slowly degrade skin health. The approach we use is to emphasize the skin's natural activators of rejuvenation: SRCPs, hydroxy acids, natural biological oils that are in the skin, types of skin abrasion, retinoic acid, and vitamin C (this is best taken internally). What actually helps the skin rejuvenation is a rather narrow list.

2. Our basic SRCP products have been tested by independent laboratories and been classified as non-irritants, non-allergens, non-carcinogenic, and non-poisonous. Skin Biology water/oil creams have no detergents and are always close to breaking up into a water phase and oil phase.

3. The selection of ingredients and formulations that improve the appearance of skin firmness are based on generally-accepted practices by reputable companies.

4. We select ingredients from the FDA's GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list of food ingredients and cosmetic ingredients with a long history of product safety and the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook. The FDA states that safety information exists on only 11% of the 10,500 cosmetic ingredients cataloged by FDA.

5. FDA requirements call for the use of formulations that resist bacterial growth. We use phenoxyetanol from coconut oil as our preservative.

6. We avoid the following:

Abbott Handerson Thayer Winged Figure 1889

6.1 Formulations and moisturizers that are designed to push water into the skin, wet the outer skin proteins, and "puff up" the skin to make wrinkles and creases less obvious. The problem is that as such products loosen and wet the skin, they damage the skin barrier and permit easier access by bacteria, viruses, and allergens. The chronic wetness also inhibits the signals that tell the skin to send more keratinocytes to the surface.

6.2 "New chemical entities", that is, synthetic molecules that the human body has never been previous exposed to in our history. It requires decades to determine the safety of such molecules such as in the case of PCBs and DDT.

6.3 Plant extracts with the exception of a few ingredients such as vitamins that are used in the human body and substances such as aloe vera that have exceptionally good records of non-allergic actions on skin. Most plant extracts are alien to human skin and, in time, may cause rashes and allergic reactions. Many plants extracts substances to stop animals from eating them such as poisons and carcinogens.

6.4 Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan)

6.6 Ingredients used as nerve inhibitors to relax muscles to reduce wrinkles. Long term cosmetic use of such ingredients may inhibit nerve function in the brain and other areas of the body.

6.7 Dyes and coloring agents.

Anna Margolina's Full Biography

Anna A. Margolina
Born 10 July 1967 Moscow, Russia.

Education: Russian State Medical University (Moscow, Russia) graduated in 1996, majoring in medical biophysics.

Post graduate research in Russian State Medical University and Research Institute of Physical-Chemical Medicine (Moscow, Russia). Theme: Interaction of nitrite ions with antioxidant enzymes.

PHD in biology 1999

Science Editor in Cosmetics and Medicine Magazine 1997-2002

Host and adviser on Russian internet forum dedicated to skin care (Skin Doctor) 1999-2004.(presently not active)

1999: Text book for cosmetic professionals: “Lipid barrier and Cosmetic products” – by Anna Margolina and Helen Hernandes (in Russian)

2000: Book “New Cosmetology”( in Russian) By Anna Margolina and Helen Hernandes. Second expanded edition in 2005.

Selected articles are included in books “Cosmetic peelings”, “Body shaping in cosmetology”. (in Russian)

Authors of numerous articles on skin biology. Published in “Cosmetics and medicine”, “Science and Life”, “Ecology and Life”, “Mother and baby”, “Seagull”. (Russian)

2004: Third place winner in All-Russian competition of ecological journalism (for publications in Ecology and Life magazine (Russia).