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1. Start Lightly - Increase Gradually

2. How to Decrease Strength of Products

3. How to Increase Strength of Products

4. Why Use Hydroxy Acids

5. Methods of Manual Exfoliation

6. Why Things May Look Worse Before They Look Better

7. What Products to Use for Your Skin Type

8. Using Super CP Serum/ Super Cop Creams Properly

9. How to Use Products Slowly

10. How to "Rest" the Skin and When to Do It

Videos by Skin Biology

Our how-to-videos and parody shorts will explain a number of topics in a fun, simplified way while providing the answers to frequently asked questions and highlighting specific products you start using today!


Start Lightly - Increase Gradually

Many people start CP Serum with as little as 2 drops daily for their entire face, then slowly increase the amount used.

The area around the eyes is especially challenging. This skin is very thin, and color cosmetics and make-up removers often cause issues over the years. We recommend to start off by using Super GHK-Copper Serum or Super GHK-Copper Cream which is specifically designed for sensitive skin and around the eye area use. Or use CP Ultimate Eye Cream around the eye area.

As your skin adjusts to copper peptides, you can move to other products. Other clients are able to start with CP Serum, then later move to Super CP Serum or TriReduction Cream, and finally to Super Cop. See our Product Guide for more information.

How to Decrease Strength (If Product is Too Strong)

If biological oils such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Squalane, are applied to the skin before the copper peptide product, the oils penetrate the skin forming an oil barrier that slows uptake. This method is often used around the eyes. Oils often can be used before copper peptides on very sensitive skin.

BHOs and SRCPs

**Note: Biological Oils (such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Squalane) can also be quite helpful in removing makeup.

How to Increase Strength (For Those Ready to Work up to Stronger Methods)

Biological oils, such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Squalane, can be used over the copper peptide products. These oils push more copper peptides into the skin. See above illustration.

Why Use Hydroxy Acids

Skin exfoliating hydroxy acids are often used with copper peptides. Normally one product is used in the morning and the other at night.

Hydroxy acids exist naturally on the skin's surface. They act to loosen the chemical links between older skin cells and allow their removal Some people use copper peptides one day and hydroxy acids on alternate days. Stronger hydroxy acids work faster but overuse can be irritating.

Methods of Manual Exfoliation

Physical methods of manual abrasion are natural. Skin is normally subject to various types of abrasion. Microdermabrasion methods such as subcision (needling) and may work well in conjunction with copper peptides.

Other clients have had excellent success with microdermabrasion cloths and skin scrubs.

Why Things May Look Worse Before They Look Better

Damaged skin can sometimes seem to holds everything in place. As this is slowly rejuvenated, skin may briefly appear to loosen.

As abrasion methods and hard peels remove the upper layers buried scar tissue becomes more visible.

What Products to Use for Your Skin Type

For combination-to-oily, or oily skin, CP Serum (AM) + LacSal Serum (PM) work very well. These light liquid serum versions of copper peptides and hydroxy acids may be best for those with oily prone skin areas. For those with drier skin use a Protect & Restore Skin Renewal Cream (AM) + LacSal Cream (PM). Try to use both an exfoliator plus copper-peptides for improved results.

NOTE: How to Use Super CP Serum and Super Cop Cream Properly

Quote to Remember: "SLOW is Better and
LESS is More"
- from our clients


Super CP Serum, Super Cop Cream and Super Cop 2X - Extra Strength are effective strong skin rejuvenating systems. We highly recommend starting with a milder product first and then 'work up' to other copper-peptides. This is especially important for those with sensitive skin or sensitive skin areas (such as around-the-eye area and neck skin).

Start very lightly, once day. To learn how to modulate products - Click Here


How to Use Products SLOWLY

We get spectacular reports from around the world by those who have used our products. When using copper peptides (especially around the eye area) it is vital to start very slowly and carefully avoid overuse. Since the products can seem very easy to use without any irritation, the tendency can be to apply much more than what is needed.

If you feel you have overused a product use less or rest your skin when you start the product again, use much less and perhaps slowly start back using them every other day. Overuse can be easily avoided by first using milder products applied lightly and gradually.

How to "Rest" the Skin and When to Do It

If you notice any temporary pffiness around the eyes. Effectively rest the skin by using only a biological oil such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher, Squalane or a light DMAE serum such as Two Timing Tightener (the DMAE - dimethylaminoethanol is an antioxidant and is based in a biological oil).

Many use 5% DMAE to help with any loose skin or dark circles or bags especially around the eye area. It can be used every other day as an alternate with CP Ultimate Eye Cream. From time to time it may be a good idea to rest the skin with a biological oil and then slowly use a copper peptide product. Be assured though that any temporary looseness will not be permanent.

Here are the comments of one client: "What I do when this happens (or when I purposely provoke it) is rest my eyes (my whole face, actually) from CP's for about four or so days. During that four days I use only biological oils and DMAE... I wind up looking better than before. When I start back with CP's I usually start back at the same strength as before and then build slowly again... That's just my opinion borne of my experience...when I push too hard and then take a break and then start up again that's what works for me...My advice: Rest your face for a few days and then start back with the CP Ultimate Eyes over emu and see how you progress...By the way, my skin has been looking uber-fantastic these days. It literally hasn't been this smooth since I was in my twenties."