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Are you currently using Minoxidil, Rogaine, or Tricomin? Dr. Pickart previously invented both the Tricomin and Graftcyte lines (highly rated copper peptide hair care systems). As the biochemist who first discovered copper peptides, Dr. Pickart strongly feels that Folligen and Hair Signals are even more effective! Discover the reasons why by using Skin Biology's copper peptide products. Enhance these products with FDA approved minoxidil to improve hair growth.


1. Use Minoxidil to help hair growth.

2. Use Folligen Cream or Folligen Spray as the perfect combination system for hair luster and beauty*.

3. Apply a light amount of Emu Oil for Hair to assist penetration of the products and for enhanced scalp moisturization.

Basic Regimen

Use Folligen Cream for hairline or Folligen Therapy Spray for denser areas.
Or sample ALL products in our comprehensive Folligen Total Therapy Trial Kit.

Folligen Trial Pack


Folligen Spray




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Advanced Regimen

Hair Signals


Substitute your copper peptide with a specialized product (Hair Signals Therapy Solution) containing a synergy of hair-friendly natural additives such as: tea extracts and pygeum africanum root.








Hair Regrowth System for Men


SAVE by purchasing Folligen Cream and Minoxidil together with our Folligen + MInoxidil Combo. Minoxdil is the only FDA-approved topical for hair growth and Folligen is a non-drug product designed to improve scalp and hair follicle appearance.






*Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.

Testimonials from Clients

I just used the folligen shampoo and conditioner for the first time after ordering the 2 oz bottles to try. Since my son was born 3 years ago, my hair has not been the same! I lost so much hair and the overall health and texture seemed permanently diminished.

All I can say about the folligen is WOW!!! My hair hasn't looked this full, shiny, and bouncy since I was a teenager. It dried in half the time and is silky smooth (I have curls that I often blow dry straight). I didn't even have to use any other products...just the shampoo, conditioner, and a touch of hair oil to style. I'm impressed!


I simply love your shampoo and conditioner as well as the Folligen Spray. I have fine hair and have had a very hard time finding a shampoo and conditioner that actually does justice to my hair. From the very first time I used your shampoo and conditioner, I felt an immediate difference in the manageability, shine, and texture of my hair. After leaving the conditioner on my hair for about 20 minutes, spraying on the Folligen and rubbing it into my scalp, and letting it air dry with a little styling product, my hair felt so healthy, soft, and super manageable!! I could not believe it! I think the Folligen spray also helped with the volume. As advised, it seems also that by adding a little bit of water to the bottles of the shampoo/conditioner, it did help with the application.

A.N. Age 32 received in 02/2011

I recently went in for a haircut... [My stylist] was besides himself because my hair had so much body and shine. He said that whatever I'm doing, I'm doing it right. I've been using Folligen Shampoo and Conditioner for just a few months now. In fact, I'm only half way down my first bottle of shampoo. When I shower, I shampoo my hair first then mix a few drops of Emu Oil-S for Hair into a nickle sized amount of conditioner before working into my hair. I leave the product in while I shower and then rinse off before getting out.


I am happy to say Thank You to you for the superb product Folligen. Of course, I googled this product for much needed information everyday before usage and rarely thought that feedback was for real. I am here to tell anyone reading this that this product is for real... My scalp is soothing with no sores or pimples and hair is finally manageable... I only started with your starter kit. Will be ordering more product soon. Thank you again and again and again.


Folligen Lotion and MSM (2-4 grams daily) helped improve the look of my hair greatly! I highly recommend the use of Folligen Lotion for those of us who get relaxer touch-ups regularly. Thank you for inventing this product that is PERFECT for chemically treated ethnic hair. I'm excited to now try the new Hair Signals Therapy!


Hair Concerns: Men

Theories of how to improve the appearance of thinning hair have focused on the metabolic actions of testosterone metabolites. However, the ultimate factor in improving luster is focusing on the hair follicle.

Hair Concerns: Women

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Helen of Troy

Most hair concerns for women normally center around scalp damage due to perms, coloring dyes, relaxers, using too much heat when drying hair, overuse of shampoos, tight buns or pony-tails, and overcutting (long hair is healthier). The chemical salts and dyes in eyebrow and eyelash make ups often produce a severe loss of eyebrows and eyelashes by age 40 in many women. Psychological stress or hormonal shifts such a menopausal changes or stopping the use of birth control pills can also cause temporary hair loss.

If you look at old photographs of families from about 1880, you will see that many women of age 60 still had long healthy hair in an era before modern hair care techniques. In poor areas on the world today, most mature women have healthier hair than in New York City.

Folligen is a non-drug product designed by Dr. Loren Pickart formulated to boost the health of your hair.

Folligen can be used alone, or in combination with Emu Oil for Hair, or with Minoxidil.

Leonardo da Vinci - St John in the Wilderness (Bacchus)

Emu Oil Can Help

Many of our customers have reported that the combination of Folligen and emu oil often help revitalize the appearance of their hair.

Minoxidil (2% or 5%)

Some have decided to also add in 2% Minoxidil. This can be progressively increased to Minoxidil 5%. Sometimes minoxidil produces scalp irritation. If this happens, stop the minoxidil and use only Folligen until your scalp health has improved.

Addition of Retinoic Acid (useful range 0.01 to 0.05%) gives further hair stimulation but may irritate the scalp.

Retinoic acid (Retin-A) helps produce thicker hair shafts when used with minoxidil. This combination appears to be one of the better current approaches to hair regrowth. The major drawback is an often strong scalp irritation. Folligen, used lightly, can greatly reduce this irritation. Sometimes, the combination of minoxidil and retinoic acid causes breaks in the skin barrier.

The addition anti-testosterone supplements or DHT blockers may help further.







Bleached, or very blond hair may pick up a green tint if Folligen is in contact with the hair. This is similar to the greenish-tint that may occur after spending time in swimming pools. The blue color can be removed with a solution of 1 part of lemon juice and 4 parts of water.

If the coloring is a problem, then use Folligen for Blondes which has no blue color.

Use Emu Oil S Lipid Replenisher on top to facilitate penetration.


Discontinue minoxidil if you experience irritation.


Typical results take approximately 4-6 weeks of consistent use.


Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 for further help.