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Skin Biology prides itself on formulating hair care products that can be used on all hair types and textures. To achieve this goal, we are always looking for even better ways to help strengthen, soften, and support healthy hair growth for everyone! Look for the special offer below and find out how you can be a part of our FREE PRODUCT TEST designed to enhance curly, wavy, natural hair. Learn why this technique may work wonders for you!

---Dr. Loren Pickart PhD
BA Chemistry and Mathematics, University of Minnesota
PhD Biochemistry, University of California at San Francisco

CALLING ALL CURLS: Free Test Product - Made Just for YOU

The beauty of naturally curly hair lies in its strength and unique properties. No one has the exact same texture and curl pattern as someone else. But if you have curly-to-wavy hair (from tightly-coiled, beautiful ethnic hair to beachy, loose waves) you know the challenge lies in finding a styling product that will enhance and define your curls while providing the essential moisturization that curly hair needs.

Curly hair does not have to be difficult to style. It is not "problem hair" that needs to be fixed. Growth and moisturization must be approached with a fundamental understanding of the structure of curly hair. Skin Biology is happy to offer a tester of a NEW 2 Step System designed to define and moisturize naturally curly hair. This product is geared toward textured hair of all types.

While supplies last, you can request a sample of our curly hair styling system (FREE with any Skin Biology purchase) by clicking the link below or send your request for more information to: customerservice@skinbiology.com

Curly Texture Styling Oil Free Sample

Suggestions for testing: This method for hydrating and extending natural curls uses a 2-step technique. You may find that it is best to start with freshly cleansed hair. Some choose to lightly towel-dry the hair first by gently squeezing out the excess water. Avoid drying the hair completely.Typically, the hair will need to be somewhat damp before application so you can truly see your natural curl pattern. Most curly hair textures are best styled for air-drying.

PREP Hair - Section off the hair and finger detangle (or use a large tooth comb). Limit manipulation of the hair. Be gentle so that you do not disrupt curl/wave pattern by excessive brushing or combing.

STEP 1 - Apply the leave-in conditioner throughout the section. Distribute evenly to avoid clumping of product. Re-wet or lightly spray the hair with water as needed.

STEP 2 - Run a little bit of the hydrating curl extender through the section. Finger style as desired and allow to air dry.

Tips: Test the application a few different ways. You can try applying the hydrating oil first and then the conditioner afterward. Also try different amounts to see what works best to give curl definition and hold for your hair type. The above products also work well as a “setting agent” by braiding, twisting, or even rolling up, the section after application. Let it air dry overnight. Un-do the braids or twists in the morning and gently finger style.

NOTE: This product set is for clients with very curly-to-wavy hair. Clients with straight or thinning hair will want to continue to use Folligen Total Therapy Spray on their scalp and limit the use of leave-on products.

Special Offer:
Take part in our trial by adding the FREE test kit to your cart (valid with your order of any amount). Supplies are limited please. Contact us via email for more information or if you have questions.

Please send your feedback after use of this unique product to customerservice@skinbiology.com - We will post your comments and testimonials in a future newsletter.


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