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Resolve to take the best care of your skin and hair in 2020 - You are entitled to cosmetics designed with your skin's health in mind. My cream and serum formulations do not contain harsh ingredients that can damage your skin's protective barrier. In fact, my products are designed to support skin resilience, hydration, and tone. Click to view recent photo submissions of results with my copper peptides.

Below you'll find where you can go online to search the best products per skin/hair concern to get you started off RIGHT in 2020!

---Dr. Loren Pickart PhD
BA Chemistry and Mathematics, University of Minnesota
PhD Biochemistry, University of California at San Francisco


New Year Makeover
The small changes we make in our skin and hair care regimens can save us from more serious issues in the future. No one knows this better than the clients successfully using Dr. Pickart's copper peptide products.

In 2019, we received some of our best photos and reviews ever. In fact, here are some comments unedited and straight from those who saw great results in the month of December alone:

Tip# 1: Less Is More - You can still see amazing results even if a potent product is used only a few times a week.

Sent on December 29th: "I use GHK-Cu Crepey Skin Escape three times a week on my neck with exceptional results! I wish you and Dr. Pickart best wishes for a wonderful 2020. Thanks for giving me new skin and restoring confidence in cosmetics!" - S.T. from Italy

Tip#2: Eye Area Skin CAN Visibly Rejuvenate - The secret lies in finding the right product (at the correct strength level) for your individual skin type. See our page on Around-the-Eye Area Skin Care - What You Need to Know

Sent on December 10th: "I wanted to share with you a before and after pic at the 2 week mark of taking GHK sublingual (and also using the GHK+DMSO Skin Smoothing and Soothing Serum on my eyelids only). You can see a huge SHIFT!! ...Wow, I can see real changes - All my best!" - L.B. from United States

Tip#3: Peptides Work on More Than Just Skin & Hair - Did you know that Dr. Pickart's unique peptides can be used to care for other concerns? They've proven beneficial not only for general skin anti-aging and hair care, but also for body skin and nails. The science of Pickart's rejuvenating peptides are being used for healthier dermal care literally from head to toe!

Sent on December 6th: "I am noticing a difference with the Tin Peptide Nail Renewal. After 4 years of acrylic nails, it's the only treatment that appears to be making a difference, so I'll be sticking to it. I have tried numerous oils and creams over the last 4 years and this is the only product that I can see a visible difference... I can see that they are growing out to a less ridged and stronger look. It's like the cream has ridged filled and put a barrier on them. I really am quite impressed. Wish I had taken photos from the beginning." - T.N. from Australia

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Cosmetic SpatulasWe are curious if you feel providing a free applicator scoop for our Luxury GHK products has proven beneficial to you.

It's a simple solution to make using the very last bit of your precious handmade cream that much easier!

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Our disposable cosmetic spatulas can be sanitized with rubbing alcohol after each use. Please recycle when ready to discard.

The following products may include a cosmetic spatula to make better use of your high-content GHK creams:

- Super GHK-Copper Cream

- 3% GHK VIP Luxury Cream

- GHK-Cu Crepey Skin Escape

- 3+3 GHK-Cu Body Soothing Cream

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